The Jeff Calkins Report
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This Fishing Trip October 02 2009

                       Pitch Black, that's what it is like out at four o something or other. But that's the time to get started if you want to beat the masses. As I hook the boat up one of my other friends arrive. This makes three, and we're ready to head for the ramp.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

         The ride to the ramp of choice is about forty five minutes from the house with gas stop included. Hopefully you will already have your cooler packed. This can waste valuable time. I lost someone once like that at a store.

         The truck backs down and the boat slips in, and I get it, the hole thing. The boat becomes something more than just a boat. It becomes the trigger for release. The release of stress and any other things that are cluttered up in your head that need to get out. I love that feeling, I get it every time I put the boat in the water. If you don't feel it, you probably should put the boat back on the trailer. You have no business being on the water. Sell the boat and spend the money on massage therapy..



 There is a faint hint of daylight on the horizon as we make our way out of the basin, and head for the back country. This ride takes about fifteen minutes, by the time we get to one of the spots, it is now the break of dawn, and before I can stop the boat, lines are hitting the water.

          The water is not the clearest that it could be today, but that should change by the end of the month. The fishing this morning starts off slow, but as we drift the mangroves, casting our shrimp up as tight to the mangroves as we can. We start to hit into a good area, there are some overhanging mangroves, and bang fish on! Cindy is hooked up. It's a trout, not huge but a nice one, she lets the trout go. We keep drifting the mangrove edge, Jeff my other friend that's with me, hooks up with a nice snook, twenty nine plus, snook is in season here and it is the fish of choice to keep right now. However Jeff is quick and the snook is in the cooler before I can get a picture off.



  We keep drifting and after what seemed to be a long time I finally get banged by a little snook. He appears to be in the eighteen to twenty size, but I get someone to take a picture because after all, proof is proof. It is not long before another hookup is made and we all hook up with some nice fish.          


 Moving to another area I try another bait that I like a lot. It is no special lure by any means, but I seem to have good success with it. Today is no exception, a very nice upper slot red. However the tide is turning and it is time to get moving. The back islands are no place to be stranded.

     We finished the day fishing with quarter sized pins at the trestle and man were the snappers destroying those pins. Several snapper in the fifteen inch range were caught. I believe we ended up with eight or nine.
 The fishing is getting better with every passing day, as the rain stops the water will get clearer also. If it is one good thing that I can say about this craphole economy that we're in, it's that the fish are benefiting from it. So if you can afford to GO FISHING......GO !!!!..     


 The end of a great day. Clean the boat,   Get a couple of, last minute pictures, "just for proof".   Now this is good eating, on the menu
                                                                                                                                                                 tomorrow night.


      Wrapped and ready filets for later                               Jeff   Mc Masters  29 inches yah buddy