About the store.
 And me.

Fishin Frank           


     I started working in the store in 1984.

In 1992, I purchased the store from my parents.

 Dad and my mom still come in and we fish together when we can.                     

Dad is the king of the seawall. No Snook, Trout or Snapper are safe,
when he is about, which is almost every afternoon.
Dad goes out and puts a couple of miles on "Johnny"
(His moniker for a Johnny Rattler top water lure).
 Live Shrimp, a gold spoon, Johnny and a Green Ghost" make up the arsenal of the original Fishin Frank.
Here is a Picture of dad and Mom & Dad with a Pea-cock Bass


These days mom stays busy with her crafts, women's groups and charity work.

 I do some fishin Charters when I have time.
 This is my Charter Boat.
 I have over 27,280 hours standing on her decks.
as of last year.

This is a demonstration of damn-it fishin.
 Either damn good cast
 Damn-it in the trees again.

 But that is how you get big Snook
 Ya gotta get under the branches,
 to where they are feeding.

My youngest daughter Heather worked here until she went to college.
Now she is taking care of her Kids,


              I think will be a pro-ball player
              instead of a fisherman like grandpa.







                                                                                                                             This is Heather newest,   She thinks Grandpa makes a comfy nap Spot


My son and his wife.
 " Frank III ".












  Terry is the real boss. She keeps me in line and puts up with me.

 As the saying goes, behind every successful

man there a woman shaking her head. "Ya gotta love her"
















    Me, well I always thought
   I would be a musician,
    or maybe a Hobo.
   Movie star sounded good.

   Fishing was just mental therapy.
  Now I am
Fishin Frank.
  Charter boat captain,
  Fishing guide,
  bait shop owner,
  Sports writer,
  store clerk,
  bait tank cleaner.




   All in all a Good Life.                 Thanks for your time
                     Fishin Frank



  Now a days i am a Web Master ?  working on  computers.               
             I thought it was Fishin Frank

As a tournament angler I found out that was not my thing, to me fishing should be fun & relaxing
not stressful & costly, I won a few lost a few,

I turned to Charter fishin taking people out to catch fish
The most fun in this was showing people how to enjoy the wonders of fishing, I take time with them to
remind them how spectacular it is just to be here. Seeing their eyes get wide, & hands shake as they battle
A fish to the boat which before had been only a dream.
 The Fish, the fishing, the animals, birds, sky, beaches,
all this together is hard to beat. Luckily we have it all, right here.

I really like teaching people how to fish, the best way to rig, how to hold a rod & reel , or
cast straight, the are so many things, little things which can be shared, to make this experience we call fishing
just a little better, Many of the top guides & tournament angler around today I remember teaching knots or
how to put a bait on a hook, It is great to see them go on to out fish the teacher, But that is what makes this rewarding
see kids come in, Who now come in with their kids, or grand kids.
Being a part of Fishin Franks has permitted me to be a part of so many lives, As I said before All- in- all a good life.







                                                                                                  Grand Funk Railroad
                                                             Mark Farner & me How cool is this








    Grand daughter on my lap, well it did last almost 5 seconds,
    But it was a great 5 seconds. 

                 From the 70's trying to be a Rock Star,    to the 2000's just enjoying a day on a pontoon  boat
                   No I didn't wear sleeves than either .


     Hard to explain to young people, that
 Life changes and what you thought you wanted.
sounded good at the time, But later "What was I thinking"

 Well sometimes life, gives you better things than you
 knew you wanted. I am one of the lucky ones.
 I am where I want to be, doing what I love doing,
 with the people I can't imagine being without.



                          This is me selling fishin tackle at a show in Germany.
 It was really interesting learning to speak German and working in many countries in Europe.


 Getting old is not fun but now I can say I am officially brain dead at least that part,
Nice to know I had more brains than I needed.


 T, My Mom , Me & My Dad