Catching Bonita

Bonita are one of the most fun to catch fish in open water all you need is a med to light tackle rod, and plenty of time.
I would suggest a 8 to 17 pound class rod, or a 6 to 12 if you really want to spend time, landing the Bonita. a 30 or 40 size reel,
which in some brands is a 3000 or 4000 if they want to make the reel seem more special.

Line I prefer 10 to 12 pound mono, but 10, 15, 20  pound test braid is fine, now I use a 40 pound test forocarbon leader
about 2 feet, you only need a few inches of leader, but I want to be able to retie at least once, I do not like the long 3 4 foot leaders as it is hard to cast and get the lure where you want it.

Now what do you use to catch these mighty fighters, the way to figure that out is what are they eating?
Answer is Glass minnows or you may call them anchovies,
2nd question would be how big does an anchovies get?
answer is about 2 to 4 inches, very thin and small bait, So will casting a large 1 once 4 inch spoon get you a hook up.
Nope you will cast your arm off, and go away thinking the Bonita just were not biting. But you watched them eat on front of you
the whole time, So re-think and re-size,


I like a pompano Jig below you can see a Pompano Jig
                                                                                this is a banana Jig or crazy or silly, But it is really a Banana Jig

  designed for walleye but is used now mostly for Pompano
 They come in different weights I prefer for Bonita the heaver the better
 more casting distance and with the feather even better, kind of
 a jig and buck tail combo.



 This is a Pompano jig it has a very heavy head and
 a small buck tail, or Mylar tail which ends right
 at the end of the hook, making it small enough
 to really attract the Bonita but heavy enough to
 cast out at them, this is almost perfect My best Bet






 This is a cast master spoon
 or Berkley makes one called a splinter Spoon
these spoons are again small but heavy for their size
giving you a glass minnow presentation with
 the weight needed to cast

Small and heavy is the key, under 3 inches total length,
and heavy enough to cast, bright colors seem to help,
 as the glass minnow are shiny and glisten in the sunlight
                                             making each one have a rain bow of colors,
  So silver is better than gold, Chart use, pink, Mylar small jigs and spoons rule the catching world of the Bonita,

The way to fish for Bonita is to hunt them watch the surface of the water for a boil, Yes if you have ever seen a pot of water on your stove start to boil over the top that is what a school of Bonita looks like when they are feeding.
The Bonita move so fast and hit at the bait so hard the surface of the water will seem to rise up often 2 feet above the surrounding waters, it is the coolest thing to see,

I do not cast right into the school I try to cast past the main body of fish and bring the lure back through the school, If I can not do that I will cast close along the edge of the school, and pick them off. If you cast right into the school you take the risk of spooking them and if they sound, "Stop feeding & dive deep where you can not see them" If they Sound they not show up again and you have lost your chance, So don't spook them, cast past the school or off to the side,