Florida fishing laws, rules, and regulations,
Just one word was not enough to describe our Florida rules.

State of Florida water extend out 9 miles from the coast of Florida on the gulf side.
Then it becomes Federal waters, while often they are the same, sometimes they are not.
the question is if they are different, can you bring the fish to land in state waters.
If you fished Federal waters and the law is different??? What can/should you do?
I wish I had the Answer.


This is the Federal laws for the Gulf of Mexico, click button below

Gulf of Mexico- Federal fishing regulations    Federal regulations with pictures of the fish
9 miles out in the gulf starts Federal waters. 


This is the Florida rules for Gulf of Mexico Click button below

 F.W.C. /  Florida Laws  Very easy to read, size regulations 
The Florida Laws go out to 9 miles in the gulf


Rules for Boca Grande Pass   show where the pass boundaries are.
Also the rules for fishing here during Tarpon season, In Boca Grande Pass only.


       Fish with no listing are unregulated,


    Non regulated  =  NO rules?   Not quite, Read below