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September 18 2009

This last Monday morning, my fishin buddy Cindy and I, hooked up the boat. Heading to the Placida ramp. We arrived at the ramp about 8:am. kind of a late start for me, but the high tide was not until 9:am so there was no hurry. We headed south toward, the islands along the east side of Gasparilla sound. Knowing the morning bite would not be strong on the open flats. Cindy and I passed over the tailing flats to get right up against the islands. I was looking for mangrove trees with leaves heavy overhead cover this is where redfish live. All this month the water has been so high the branches of the mangroves have been  floating. Which means the water goes back 10 to 15 feet under the trees. Arriving at the spot, just at high tide. Trying to catch the start of the outing tide.  

Cindy was rigged with a chartreuse jig head with a live shrimp. Myself I tail hooked a live shrimp using a 3/0 gold hook, rigged free line. I have been fishing this area over 20 years and it just does not get old,
Warm and sunny with a few scattered clouds, along with a steady barometer. this had the makings of a great day.

Cindy started it off by catching the first of five oversized redfish, Not be to completely outdone I brought a few oversize reds to the boat for a quick hello and release. Then news of the weird I caught a Sheep head 15 inches, then again slightly smaller Cindy brought in a nice slot fish.

 No sooner did she have her slot red, I hooked another keeper Sheep head. With dinner cooling in the box, Cindy and I decided to go snook hunting.

My way of snook hunting is to motor up wind from an island, then let the wind drift you along the shore line. When you see a cut-in, nook, cove whatever you call it stop. So you can cast a few times into the cove, I use my Stick-it pin. this stops me and is quiet. using this technique, We boated a half dozen snook and decided to call it a day. After all it was just past noon.

Fishing can be great in the heat of the summer look for the shade. It work for me and Cindy
Thanks Jeff.


September 11 2009

Sorry no report this week. My dog Abbey had to have surgery this week so I have been taking care of her. She seems to be fine now. Next week I will be back on the water. An have another fishing trip to share with you


September 05 2009

Myself with a couple of friends took a trip up the Myakka river fishing, Hog island and the cut-off, The tides are really high right now in the early am hours I like getting out as early as possible, for this is the way to find Shallow water Reds. 

Shrimp under bobber or as I would call it. "My fish locating rig" Cast the bobber at the edge of the mangroves. Then by giving the rod tip a sharp jerk "pop i14 to 15 inches. 10 inch size limit so these were good size harbor snapper. Small redfish and 2 keeper red fish. The fishing stayed good until the sun topped over the trees then the bite was over.

Out early, back early, A great way to start a day.

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                                                                                                                           Jose First Redfish  




Soon to come Pictures from Friends. Please check back Thanks Jeff.
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