Well, I guess It has been a while since I've written anything. I think probably two months at least.

I have to say it is quite hot outside, and next month the wind will stop blowing. Think it's hot now.

All I can tell you is, go out as early as you possibly can, bring all the water you can, cause it's only gonna get warmer.
If you plan on staying any length of time.



We finally said the hell with it
 and went fishing last Wednesday morning,
we left the house at six thirty,
 and put the boat in at Port Charlotte Beach complex.
Taking off from the beach is close to the house,

and for as hot as it is, that's probably a good thing.












            By the time we got to where we started fishing it was seven thirty,
but already it was eighty six  with a humidity level of seventy percent.
It felt like a hundred out.

 Soon enough though Cindy hooks up with a fish,
and it is pulling very nice, yes very nice, no catfish here, no headshake.
It was a real nice Ref-fish, just a couple of inches too long, that's all.
 We like to call this variety a torpedo.

 Then I get wacked, and it's my turn.
 Nothing like the pull of a fish
 on the end of your line,         nothing.
 My fish was one inch shorter than  Cindy's,
 still not a legal keeper, and two or three pounds lighter,
 if you could not already tell by the picture. Still over the legal limit and had to be released.   


              So the short side of this is, we caught and released three nice redfish and kept one for the dinner plate,


 I thought that I would share to you, the way that I fillet a fish, maybe it will help you.

              First thing I like is to start out with a cold fish, not frozen solid, but on the way.
I'm going to set the fish on it's belly and put the knife tip in the back of the fish on either side of the dorsal fin and flicking out the scale.


     Now the knife will go in with a jigsaw motion I can go the length of the fish, when I reach the anal fin,
I push the knife tip on passed the fishes spine, and out the bottom of the fish,
with very little resistance, down till it is next to the spine.


             Continue the jigsaw motion on down through the rest of the length of the fish,
 with the knife blade coming out right next to the tailfin. Repeat on the other side.


     Now stand the fish back up on it's belly.
 I put the knife in the cut that I just made
 and lay the blade horizontal and slide it
 down the length of the fish.
 You should be able to feel the ribs in the front of the fish
 and then the knife should drop passed the spine and out the      Bottom of the fishes body.




              Now I take the knife tip and put it in the front of the fillet pointing the tip down towards the spine and ribs.
With the blade facing away from the center of the fish, I can push the tip out of the fish and then follow through with that motion.
 Repeat on other side.


             Next, I take the knife and put the tip in the by the front of the fish by the ribs.
Laying the blade down horizontal against the ribs and turning it outward,
the fillets will release now as the blade comes out of the fish.


              Put the knife in the front of the fish again. This time the blade faces the tail of the fish.
 With the jigsaw motion you can go down the length of the fish cutting the rest of the fillet off the fish.
 Repeat on the other side.





       You should have two nice looking fillets,
  with the skin on now.
 Sharpen the knife.
 Now grab the tail part of the fillet
 with the tips of your fingers.
 Push down firmly

 put the knife in front of your fingers  with
 the blade pointed away
 using again the same jigsaw motion
 you should be able to saw the blade away from you,
 separating the skin from the fillet.









          All you have to do now is bring the meat in and rinse it under cool water and dry it off on the counter with some paper towels.
 It is ready to cook now or store for later.


If you are going to freeze it,
 use the vacuum seal method ,
Your fillets will keep much better without air.





I hope they taste as good as mine..........!