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 I have been fishing Charlotte county for 30 years.
 As a boy no ditch, creek, or water-way was safe.
 Fresh and salt water both have been My targets. 
 It has been many years for me with Fishin Franks.

 Now I teach people fishing on the water or in the store.

 Remembering that the basics should not be over looked,

 where is the best spot, for the tide & weather conditions.

                            Rigging up for each fish or each spot can be tricky.
                  weather your choice is learning how to use, live bait or lures, or even a little of both.

                        I am most happy, opening peoples eyes, to the wonder of the simple things that make it all work.
        I really enjoy instructing, To me the difference is simple. "give a man a fish or teach him?"
which works better for you?  
                                                                                                                               Jeff   941-625-3888 ask for me.

Fishin instruction trip,
On your boat, this allows you to learn, if you are doing it, you are learning it.
 I have rates for
1/2 day 4 to 5 hours
                   3/4 day 6 to 7
   full day, Iron man day light to dark? 

What an instruction trip consist of,

        Step #1 check your tackle, Rods, reels, line, Terminal, this is top make sure.
                       your tackle is suited for the fishing you want to learn, You don't want
                       a grouper rod for Trout or a Trout rod for Grouper.

                   #2 look at your boat to see what type of water it can access.
                        "will it go on the flats" or are we fishin deep water spots, both are good.
                          quite often this is a great trip for people who have deeper Vee-hulls,
                           I will show you where in the Harbor you can go to catch fish, not on the flats.
                           or if your boat will run shallow, You might want to learn how to fish the flats or Mangroves.

                   #3 Going over the different types of fishing, you are interested in learning.
                         Maybe how to find & catching live bait, cast net throwing or Sabaiki  jigging,
                          when to use live or will dead bait be as good or maybe better.
                           What the best way to rig your bait for the fish & for the spot.
                    #4 Different types of bait to use artificial, Top water, Jigs, soft plastics,
                           Different ways to rig, and which lures to use when.

                   #5   Navigating our area, Charlotte Harbor & the river can be intimidating,
                          where do you start?  You will learn the land marks, & the names of the local places.

                    #6  How to locate good fishing spots,  When the best times to fish are,
                           what are the best tides, and what to try during the year as the fishing changes.

                    #7  This is the most important one of all.
                            Having a  relaxing, fun, enjoyable, day on the water,  with-out the frustration.
                                                        and catch some fish.


 This is my
 fishing partner,
 and Good friend                   



Here are some stories from my boating & fishin adventures.                                                                                       

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