One Foggy Day in February

                 Man , It seems like the last time I wrote,  it was a hundred years ago.
   I also seem to remember writing something like,
  ( I don't think I'll complain about the winter, after the summer we had.)
  What the ~#%* was I thinking. After consistent temps in the thirties for the better part of January.
  February with forties as our low temps and low sixties as our average highs.
        UNCLE, that's all I can say, UNCLE...

                 January was the low point so far at 27.5 degrees at my house.
 Good thing the wind wasn't blowing that morning. This week promises a thirty something degree day.
 Hopefully by the time mid March arrives, the temps will stabilize.
 Until then, roll the dice and go fishing when you can.
 It is times like this when I'm glad that I am not a guide.

     We went out Tuesday for the first time in a month.
 That's right a month,
  I could not stand to see the boat sitting in the
  carport any longer. We started out early in the a.m..
  It was foggy as hell,
  when we dropped the boat in at the navigator ramp,
  in De Soto county, visibility was about a 100 feet or so,
  I put a new lure on dropped it in and started down river
  towards the bridges.
  I was    looking at the fish finder as we trolled,
  hoping to see some sort of sign that there was fish activity.
 However I did not, we did kick up a couple of large ladyfish,
 which made me wonder if anything was under them.
 It wasn't enough to make me stop and fish it though.




      It did feel good to be on the river, even if the fish were not turned on. We only saw two boats the whole day,
  and by the looks of them, they were not fishing. Looked more like scouting to us.
 Maybe looking for a camping spot. All I can tell you is I sure hope that the weather turns a little more in our favor.
 It seems like it wants to, maybe better weather is not far off.












 This Gator was laying up, and did not want to move, not that I blame it a nice warm spot in the Sun is hard to beat,
 I have looked for one of those myself, But it is very good to see wife life enjoying the quiet of the river.



                 I guess for this time, this is all I have to tell. Hopefully the next time I write I'll have some good fish pics for you. Until then, go fishing, be safe though and dress warm. UNCLE, already...