Captain Mike Fitzcharles
   I have been fishing
  as long as I can remember.

  Working out side most of my life,

   taking time off to visit other countries
      On Uncle Sam's ticket

I have seen many things and I am still in wonder, of the waters of South west Florida.

  I have been lucky enough to call
 South west Florida my home.
 My wife Claudeen & I
 like going out to the Gulf beaches and Just relax & fish.

  I  am a Grandpa now hard to imagine, but every once in a while I get to take the Grand kids out
 fishing, I really enjoy the look in their eye's when we bring in a shark or a toothy mackerel. 

  Claudeen and two of my grand kids the twins Jake & Nick




   If your picture is not here.
  You need to go fishin with Grandpa!









   Skyler's Day with Captain Mike AkA "Grandpa"

Skyler & her dad relax between fish.