Nov 25



November 25 - 2009


            Happy Thanksgiving everyone,                                   

I trust that all of you have got your turkey day plans in order. I will be deep frying our bird. Something that we have been doing for several years now. It's very good, and I don't have  to tie the oven up while we are baking pies. well I hope you all have a good Turkey day no matter what you have to eat.   

            Wind and low tides, that's what the forecast will be for the weather anyway. The fishing however is getting better. Our last trip out was again a trip that would avoid the brunt of the wind.

For the morning ride we ran into the wind. Early in the day the wind is not as bad, so getting to the spot was a lot easier. The low afternoon tides have made getting to and staying at a spot a little difficult lately. We just have to go earlier in the a.m.. Their comes a point though when your no longer fishing Friday morning but Thursday night.

       Cindy caught the first red, and one we could keep on top of that. We probably caught five smaller reds before I caught one that was legal. They seemed to be very hungry I had a hell of a time with one of the reds, She was over sized and appeared to have sucked the hook down in to her bladder. I would liked to have gotten pics of us taking the jig out, but I was more concerned with getting the fish back in the water and on her way again, since we were not able to keep her. We did get pics releasing her though.


            Trout are out in full force now. Of course they are out of season, so release we did. We caught a few more reds and one small snook. Snook, by the way season ends the end of this month. So get that keeper before the end of the month. Otherwise you'll have to wait until March. After we got back I stopped at a local pier to snap a picture of how windy it was that afternoon.




  If you can, get out and go fishing.....
  I put this one back,
  He's waiting for you.