Fish Club meetings and Seminars, I will add to this, with speakers, dates  and topics
seats may be reserved as of the 1st of each month Call (941)-625-3888 for reservations

Chucks custom Carpentry 

July Tuesday the 9th or Wednesday the 10th 6:30 to 8:pm  2019


August Tuesday the 27th or Wednesday the 28th  6:30 to 8:pm

Yes we are back at Luigi's, same fish time, same fish place


September Tuesday the 24th or Wednesday the 25th 6:30 to 8:pm  2019

Yes we are back at Luigi's, same fish time, same fish place



October Tuesday the 22nd or Wednesday the 23rd  6:30 to 8:pm  2019

Yes we are back at Luigi's, same fish time, same fish place


November  Tuesday the 26th or Wednesday the 27th   6:30 to 8:pm  2019

Yes we are back at Luigi's, same fish time, , same fish place


December Tuesday the 10th or Wednesday the 11th  6:30 to 8:pm  2019

Yes we are back at Luigi's, same fish time,, same fish place



January   Tuesday the 28th or Wednesday the 29th  6:30 to 8:pm  2020

















Past seminars we have done,


June Tuesday the 11th or  Wednesday the 12th  6:30 to 8:pm  2019

Call 941-625-3888 for reservations



3:pm & 6:pm Tuesday May 28th

Star Rod fishing seminar
Tuesday May 28th here at fishin Franks
Justin Will be here From Star Rods
Topic and times not yet Available.




There is no seat reservations for the Rapala / Boca Coast seminars
     There is no seat reservations for the Rapala seminars
  Come as you are, You are welcome to bring food or drinks
Drink choices are up to you. what ever you drink to stay cool.
Dress for the weather. casual cool is best. Jacket and tie not required
James will be here talking about his new Fish catching bait rub!!!!



Englewood Rotary Club Nautical Fest
April 13th and 14th
 Fishing the tides and weather,   Tarpon ,   Lure Fishing,   Snook & Red Fish
 Shark,   Inshore Fishing ,   Fishing in the Gulf

401 N Indiana Ave. Englewood Florida 34223


*** Wednesday January 16th 2019***
   Topics are Which bait and how to rig it for the weather conditions
and how to pick your Rapala for catching fish in the morning, afternoon or evening,
and which one for the Midday Flats. Also picking a lure to fish the canals.  

*** Wednesday January 16th 2019*** 
  Fish Club meeting  9:30 am,  2: pm  and  6:pm -
sponsored by Rapala
Fishin Frank, Jim the Rapala Guy. Robert, and Capt. Karl
  call 941-625-3888 for reservations 


     Jan 30th Wednesday

9:30 am , 2:pm and 6:pm call for seating reservations
Speakers- Gary from Penn will be talking about catching Snook, "His Favorite fish to catch along with
sail Fish secrets.
And on top of that he will be giving deals and discounts, guaranteed to beat internet pricing
Fishin Frank & Robert will be talking about pier fishing, as well as trolling.
Call 941-625-3888 for seats


  February 6th

Seminars at 9:30 , 2 :pm and 6 :pm
deals and discounts on all Reaper Rods
Speaker include *Tim Owner* of Reaper rods, "Austin",
along with Fishin Frank and Robert
Tim and Austin will be talking catching Red Fish, Black Drum and Sheep head,
Frank & Robert will be slip sinker & limited travel slip for the best bite feel and upping your bite to hook up ratio.
call 941-625-3888 for seats




  February 13th  Wednesday
seminars at 9:30 am , 2 pm, and 6:pm call for reservations
Danny from Shimano discounts and deals on all Shimano Products
Speaker Danny From Shimano, Capt. Danny Latham, as well as Fishin Frank & Robert.
Capt. Dan Latham will be talking Red fish tactics and Trout .

941-625-3888 after February 1st for seating reservations


  Fish club meeting Wed February 20th
                                                                                                                                            With  A.F.W. as the Sponsor deals on Hi-seas, C&H lures and American fishing wire will going all day. 
meet Shawn from A.F.W. Who will be joining Fishin Frank, Robert and maybe ????
Seminars at 9:30 am , 2:pm
Call after February 1st for seating reservations
topic will be- what's most relevant for the month



 Capt. Jay Withers  Wednesday February 27th    Seminars at 3:pm or 6:pm
Call for reservations 941-625-3888 after February 1st
Topic is Snook fishing Live Bait and Lures

Bonita Spring Boat Show
at the Dog Track

February 28th, 29th, 30, 31,

THURSDAY  11:00 Lure Fishing the Flats,  12:00  Red Fish 1:00    Spotted Sea Trout    2:00    Grouper and Snapper   3:00     Sheep Head

FRIDAY   11:00   Inshore Fishing    12:00  Triple tail   1:00     Fishing the tides and weather  3:00    Red fish  4:00    Grouper and Snapper 

SATURDAY   11:00  Tarpon   12:00  Shark    1:00    Snook & Red Fish     2:00    Mackerel & Pompano  3:00   Grouper and Snapper

 SUNDAY  11:00  Fishing  weather and tide effect   12:00   Red fish    1:00     Snook   2:00    Fishing in the Gulf


 Wednesday March 6th

9:30 am Chad Hickman Offshore: kingfish, Grouper, snapper

2:00 Pm Eric Henson Inshore/Kayak Trout, Redfish, Snook on Artificial
of course deals and Specials all day


Punta Gorda Boat Show this week 03/07/19

THURSDAY   11:00  Lure Fishing the Flats     12:00  Red Fish      1:00  mangrove Shore lines With Lures     2:00    natural baits


FRIDAY     11:00   Inshore Fishing      12:00  Triple tail    1:00     Fishing the tides and weather    2:00    Red fish


SATURDAY  11:00  Tarpon    12:00  Shark    1:00    Snook & Red Fish    2:00  Schooling fish


SUNDAY   11:00  Fishing  weather and tide effect      12:00   Red fish       1:00     Snook     2:00    Fishing in the Gulf


  Fish club meeting
or the 3rd Wednesday of the Month.
topic is whatever is relevant to the fishing going on.
Same Fish Channel and Fish time each month.
9:30 am, 2:pm and 6:pm  same topic each talk all day