Sharks & fish understanding is key to catching 101

 If you under stand them, they will bite..
To be really successful when trying to catch fish the more you understand how the fish lives, eats, sleeps,
the more you can target that fish. When I go fishin I do not go "fishing" I go Trout fishing, or Snook fishing.
just because I am fishing for that fish does not mean I will not catch other fish like say, Red fish while Snook fishing,
It simply means I will catch more Snook, I go to places which are likely to have Snook,
I use baits or lures that I know are better for Snook, I use Rod & reel match together which are better for fighting Snook,
You get the idea But every once in a while it is off to plan "B" because What I thought I was going to do did not work.
Here I am going to tell you things about fish which I think will help you under stand them, and be better more successful

Have you ever know someone who reminded you of a dolphin? I mean they are walking around but half of their brain is asleep?
Yes dolphins have to breath air So they just can not lay under water & go to sleep so they shut down half of their brain
Left side I guess and just swim along. Then after a while the left side wakes up and they shut down the right side,
This allows them to sleep & not drown. For most people it happens when on the cell phone & they drive into things.
Not as good of a result.

Sharks are another one in order to keep their blood pressure up and keep water going through their gills, they shut down half of their
brain at a time, A few sharks shut down their entire brain, but their spinal cord has it's own nervous system which is just though\muscle movement
to allow them to swim & keep breathing.

Sharks do not show up on a fish finder either, No you could have ten dozen Sharks under your boat and not one would show up.
That is because fish finder look for air pockets or bubbles in the water, if you want to have fun glue some fishing line to a ping pong balls and put a sinker on them
Now drop a bunch of them next to a reef, there will be a bunch of boats, all anchored there fishing for what must be a whole school of Moby dicks.
All it will take is one boat to go over and it will show up as the biggest school of monster fish you have ever seen.

Normal fish have swim bladders which have air trapped in them. the fish squeezes the bladder a little and they sink open or expand the bladder and they float a little
much the way a Submarine works. That is what show up and the depth finder, the bigger the swim bladder the larger the fish show up on your screen.

Shark do not have a swim bladder so they can not float, So in order to keep alive they must keep moving, It was thought they would sleep for very brief periods of time
and glide Thru the water, wake up swim & glide sleep again, But with the find that dolphins sleep half their brain at a time it is now thought that sharks do the same.

Some Sharks will lose over 30,000 teeth in their life time, The teeth are now replaced in rows just as one falls out another moves up to fill the space. It is though
that many Sharks live 25 years or so, But some like the great Hammer and other no one knows how long they will live, I guess that is why they get new teeth
all the time, what good would a 200 year old toothless Shark be. 

One last useless Shark tid bit, The term Card Shark actually came before the fish, The fish got it's name from the predatory nature similar to the Card Sharks of
Europe the German work was Schorck Villain Loan or Card Shark, who would have thought.


 Bull Sharks, Lemons, or Nurse Sharks
 can lay on the bottom still and breathe
 they do not need to move around to live, which is why 
 you will find them in the shallow waters
 of the Harbor or the flats & canals,
 Yes it is possible that an 8 foot bull shark
 could be living in your canal, Bull sharks
 have been found as far north in the
 Mississippi River as Illinois.
 So they can truly live anywhere,

Most Sharks prefer live food, they are predatory creatures,
 Some people think Dead bait is better,
no it is just easier to use, it is much harder to use a live fish
than a dead one for bait, But Sharks do prefer Live, Often a Hammer Head will push or nudge something to see if it is live and therefore go to eat,
 possibly a taste test Hammer Heads are much more discriminate eaters, than their Bull Shark Cousins.

If you are going to use a leader for Shark fishing how long should it be, A old rule of thumb would be a foot longer than the Shark you hope to get.
That is because Shark skin is rough, really rough, and just the tail of the Shark as it swims away from you rubbing the line, the tail can wear through 60 pound mono
in a matter of minutes, Hench the term I got Tailed by that Shark. So if your leader is a little longer the tail can not wear through it.

When you are choosing the bait to use any type of fish is good, But how big should it be, try to picture the mouth of the Shark you are trying to catch,
if the Sharks mouth is 4 inches wide and 3 inches high, and your bait is 6 by 6 inches, well you are going to get lots of runs and no Sharks. Match the size of your bait
again like the leader to the Shark. I use the fist rule a bait about the size of my fist should be good for up to a six foot Shark.

 Here is a clean release, flatten the barb "No Blood"

Now the most important thing if you are
 catching & releasing Sharks please flatten the barb
 of your hook flat against the shank,
 Sharks have a meaty mouth,
 and it is very hard to get a hook out with the barb,
 way too much damage. and circle hooks are too
 difficult to get out, So a simple "J" style hook with the barb flatten
 is easy to remove and you will not lose the Shark as long as you keep
 the line tight.
 what I like is if I have to cut the leader as happens
 if the Shark is to big to safely handle,
 Or I forgot my long hook remover, by using a flattened
  barb "J" hook it should fall out,
 Which it is not likely a circle hook would,
 One point to stress
 "If you are one of those people who let the fish run half way to Texas
 before you will set the hook, Please use a circle,
 the J hook is not for you.

 Oh and Barb-less hooks do not work, as there is no way to keep the bait on,
 much less the shark. When you flatten the barb it leaves a bump and that holds the bait and The Shark in place.
I hope these tip help you in you endeavors
Have fun out there Frank