Tarpon maps 2014     the last Years
look down the page, to give your self an idea of, where the Tarpon have been over the last few weeks
and if you check the other years, you might see a pattern, just like in the static on your TV, aliens Yes Tarpon are aliens,
or you might make yourself crazy looking for one. either way it is here and I have a button right above this showing other years.

white dot = Fair less than 50% Chance

 Yellow dot = Better 50/50 chance
 Red dot = Good really good chance 

09/26/14 Tarpon Fishing Bait buster are still the king and really nothing
else comes close, root beer and Purple, and the white with green back, 3 best colors
Lady fish remains the best bait, Tossing some green backs is ok, and you may hook up
with the green backs but it is a distant 3rd choice,
Look for birds working, the Tarpon are feeding on the fish feeding on the bait fish which
the birds are feeding on, I hope you followed that, The tarpon are not attaching the birds
but the lady fish or Mackerel are messy feeders and the birds are picking up the pieces
or stunned bait left behind from them feeding and the Tarpon are there feeding on the fish
not the bait.
Keep an eye out for the birds and you will get your shot at a Tarpon

Tarpon Fishing still remains good through out the upper harbor
Time of day is less important then the timing with the tides, get out at low tide and fish the
incoming water, You are seeing free jumpers, and scattered Tarpon rolling.
Just drift your whole lady fish or blind cast a bait buster, I have of one guy using a hammered
musky spoon with gold reflective tape, cast that he has jumped several Tarpon about an 1 once spoon
so good time to try difference stuff.


09/26/14 Tarpon Fishing has spilt into two different issues
You have the big Tarpon in the Harbor or Rivers and then there is the ones in the canals
The canal tarpon are unsally less than 50 pounds down to 8 inches long and less than a pound
I now cute little buggers, but the primary ones in the canals that we target are the ones 5 to 20 pounds
maybe 3 feet long, get your self a 1/4 once rat-l-trap best color is the black charturse, or small
creme swim tails I would start with the rat-l-trap, it dose not have to be the black / chartuse reds and
other colors are working, but they do have to be small, if you are cheap and have a 1/2 once throw it until
you get tires and come in and buy a 1/4 the 1/2 is really just too big.
Teyh Harbor is a different story lady fish is your best bait, if you want to cast here it is all about the DOA
swimming mullet or bait buster. just off pirate Habor 8 feet of water you sould out a couple in the air
and in the middle holes drift and cast while dragging a whole lady fish and you shold have the day
you wanted alst spring.



09/26/14 Tarpon Fishing The red spots are showing the holes in the Harbor
but the Tarpon are just not really there in the AM, if you wait until after lunch to be frustrated
you will have twice the chances to catch your Sliver King.
Lady fish chunks are not working well, the whole fish live or dead is way better, taliapa is your best
bait live if possible, getting hard to find them, which sucks as they are great bait. Oh yeah live
is against the law, Lures for them are the DOA swimming mullet, it is heavier than the bait buster
and gives you the little more depth you need, and even cost less than the bait buster, DOA just
rocks the Tarpon at a great price




09/26/14 Tarpon Fishing I would say is a Harbor thing right now, the deep holes
at the north end to the Myakka river have enough fish to make the day,
But this does remind me of Musky fishing right now lots  and lots of casting a DOA bait buster
before you hook up, if you cast it they will bite but stay with it, un less you are rally lucky
As far as bait Lady fish is number bait dead or alive any size just don't cut it up, leave it whole
and free line one Rod and on the other a balloon will make a great bobber to hold up a big lady fish
so from your lady fish to the float I would say about 4 foot down,
The Tarpon are so scattered it is almost better to blind drift, rather than trying to see them roll.
It is better to see them of course, but just get any where close and drift.



08/22/14 Tarpon Fishing is mostly about the upper harbor, Lady fish is the bait
 of choice. Live or dead, cut or whole, Toss them out and let it sit,
a good trick right now is to get a couple of lady fish, or lady fish and some big thread fins
troll them by the markers, get close as you can. about 3 miles per hour.



08/22/14 Tarpon Fishing the Tarpon are still all over from the 41 bridge to
colony point first thing in the morning, the DOA cal, paddle tail shad, like you would
use for Trout or Snook are the number 1 color well your guess is as good as mine,
every other person is using a different color. The bait buster is still doing well on hook-ups,
the New Fishin franks twichin trap, if you are fishing between colony and Fish-ville is rockin
the Tarpon,
Out in the holes are loaded with big fish, whole lady fish up 18 inches are doing great,
Top water full size Zara spooks, and The larger skitter walks are best light colors
like white or Chartreuse, Hard and slow is the way to work the top water lure, Lots of splashing
but not a lot of forward movement.
Ok surprise there are still some Tarpon in the pass, jigs or bait as you will, a nice last who-rah
for pass fishing this year.


08/01/14  Tarpon Fishing right now is a lot about smaller tarpon
under 100 pounds, lighter tackle and sneaky-er style of fishing, finding the
Tarpon early in the day near the mouths of the canals, of PGI is your best bet.
Get your boat on the flat between Fish-ville and colony point shut down, and
become a hole in the water. then scan the surface of the water until you see
Tarpon rolling. then either drift up to them or use your trolling motor to get within
casting distance, DOA bait busters or Terror eyes ,
another great lure would be 1/2 once Rat-L-Traps these have become the Tarpon catchers
of 2014, out of no where Rat-L-traps have caught as many or more Tarpon this Year as
the DOA, surprising but true. The slower you retrieve the better





08/01/14 Tarpon are still hitting the Bait busters, Storm swimming Shads,
the cool thing right now is they are liking top water lures as well, Now that is cool
to watch a Tarpon smash a top water plug is heart stopping fun. Spook full size,
the larger Skitter walk. Gliding rap, or wake baits of any kind. I anm going to pick the X_Rap
exterem action X-walk as best bet this week. The top water lures
are best when you see rolling Tarpon ok that was too simple, but the real info
is hard erratic splashing and STOP, pause for a 2 count, the work the heck out of it, then pause
The Tarpon are still thick here but each day a few fish head out, So we have another few weeks
still right now is good .
Try drifting or trolling bait fish, live or dead past marker 1 do not use too many lines out as
if the are there every rod, will get hit, and the will be Tarpon jumping everywhere. Really
I guess this is not a bad problem, but talk about a Chinese fire drill.






08/01/14 Tarpon mostly been a early morning bite good until 11;am maybe noon
the tarpon are feeding on Thread fins and Crabs. But the DOA bait buster is still the best
lures for them. If you want to head out after dark, the Tom Adams bridge, The 41 bridges
I guess you can just say 80 percent of the bridges from the Caloosahatchee to Engle wood
have tarpon at night, If you are going to fish tarpon on the beaches,
I would take every kind of bait I could find, then start at Little Gasprilla pass, then south
toward Boca. Look for schools of bait and of course rolling fish, then on the hill
I would mosey towards bull bay looking watching for small pods of Tarpon, get in front of them
and work back into the pods







07/22/14 Tarpon. they are eating lures I believe it is because you can cover
more water, keeping the lure working and keep looking the Trapon in the holes up in the harbor
have not been showing them-selves as much not a lot of rolling going on out there,
Lures which seem to be working right now are the DOA bait buster get a gold or root beer,
& a white or light color. the DOA swimming mullets same colors but they will go a little
deeper, Storm 4 or 5 inch swim baits again will give you that depth how ever they have a
paddle tail for a deeper pitch noise than the swimming mullet, mot that it is better just different
and that may make all the differeance.

The Live bait is a mixed bag of crabs, Thread fins or pin fish, try to get a little of each of them
The pin fish best under a float, the crabs need to stay moving, and I would free line the thread fins


07/11/14  The full moon is on this Sunday. You will find a lot of tarpon staging
around the passes getting ready for the last spawn. Late afternoon and evening feed
 are going to be very good, Crabs and thread fins are your best live baits,
as far as lure fishing the storm Swim shad 4 or 5 inches The color choice is variable,
 no one best color, have some thing light and one dark, changes by water color and cloud cover
The early morning along the beaches and just out side the passes the Tarpon are feeding again
on crabs & bait fish, this is the time for bait busters, green back white belly or root beer,
again changing with the conditions but cast the bait buster and slow steady retrieve about 3 feet
below the surface.
after this weekend the tarpon should be in the Harbor they are really slow to come into the
harbor as yet, but we are hopeful





07/01/14  I think you are going to see a lot more Tarpon moving towards the passes again
this next full moon is the last hurrah for spawning, With all of the bait fish along the beaches
they should be more consistent after this spawn, with their feeding habits. The Tarpon will be keying in
more & more on the bait fish Thread-fins or green backs. The spawn should take them
8 to 15 miles out into the gulf about 18 hours after they leave until they get back,
I think that would kill me 18 hours, sorry back to the Tarpon,
Once they get back it will be or should be a Harbor event, they should move up into
the holes and really start to feed to make up for the energy used spawning



06/26/14 Robert's Map
The next map is what Frank has heard compare & decide



6/26/14 Frank's Map



06/23/14  This map looks a little funky along the beaches. But that is because it
it going from great to good all along the length of S.W. Florida. The tarpon are moving North
and then coming back south. The bite is Crabs early until 9:am then switches back & forth between
Pin fish & Thread fins. DOA bait busters are the Tarpon candy right now, better than bait or anything
thing else along the beaches, take a couple different colors with you.
including a pink one, Purple, White & green and a root beer. One throw one color and your
fishin partner another color. straight retrieve no real jerking or jiggin required.

The middle of the Harbor 20 foot hole there is a lot of Tarpon but they are not showing
them selves. from the hole to the west wall sand bar, if you are using will have to weed through
lots of Sharks and big cats, but you will if you are willing to stick it out, get your Tarpon

a hole bunch of Small Tarpon in Edgewater lake, East spring lake, and the holes in the PGI
rim canal. this is Flying fishin heaven. Yes you can really catch a Tarpon here with a fly.
If you insist on using a Tarpon Fly, take your scissors and cut off 3/4 of it so it will be usable
keep just enough of the fly so you can still see each of the colors, get rid of the rest of it &
now it will work, strip pause , strip pause, sound like a bar I used to go to, but it is the pause
and the sinking, when you strip lift the tip of the rod, tiny split shot will help so the fly will
sink then shot towards the surface.    




  Capt. Chuck Jenks is doing great on Crabs,
Under a float about 5 feet. Cast it out and let it drft towards the Tarpon
dont be in a hurry to keep casting, and find moving water.
and cast up into the tide in front of the boat and let it drift back,
open the bail and let it have a little line at a time Dont leave the bail open too much.
 that can be bad if you hook up at that time.
Good luck and have fun out there.



06/13/14  Tarpon All spawning with the hill tide and the full moon. and that means
they should be eating crabs, but however I would head out to the bouys in the pass channel
and get some grunts or ?? fish throw something different, last night 6 boats hooked up,
and not sure what they were throwing but not many hook ups per boat, So different baits,
have some crabs but try for the wierd.
They are bunched in and around the pass but they should be moving up into the Harbor
in the next few days, I think the biggest problem is the lighting, Tarpon hate lighting,
for a big fish they are really wussy about thunder storms, So once the thunder starts
most often the Tarpon tend to go deeper. and the grunts will help when the Tarpon are deep,
if you are seeing them roll, you may want to stay     n




Tarpon from 5:am until 8:am and from 5 to 8 in the evening. Thes have been the better times
not convenient but better. Crabs fish them free line on one rdo and the other use a float
keep the one under the float moving, like reel in then drift it back a Carb sitting still in
not natural.

It is a full map, as the fish are really moving.





 Robert's report--05/26/14------ Boca the Tarpon are finally
 staying in the pass, No color jig seem to be the best, try different body styles
as well as colors, The main thing is get get deep, the closer to the bottom
the better your chance of hooking up is. If you are a bait fisherman
try crabs but again get closer to the bottom. The threafins still seem to working
working hill, crabs are the next best bet. A little bit of weight seems to be the
best bet when casting at the Tarpon on the hill.




    Capt Tim Johnson, say this is your best bets for finding Tarpon,
Thread fins are still the best
  But if you want to make sure you have the best chance,
 Take some Crabs with you small blue crabs are the best for casting at rolling Tarpon
but if you want to make a drift 6/0 light hook and a pass crabs is you best option.

Storm Swim bait or Buck tails are the best lures, light up pull and slow reel down,
but when they turn on, cast retrieve hang the heck on.




5/19/14 Tarpon. This week have moved out into the gulf to spawn, which happens each year. during the
hill tides which are a 2 tide day with the most water flow or currant, Tarpon do not need to live in full salt water,
but like Snook the eggs do not surive well in light salt or fresh water most of the eggs do not hatch or better said surive
in full salt most will hatch. So to insure the most eggs survive the head out into the gulf.
Now this trip into the gulf starts abut the full moon and on the new moon, they head out each evening and come back some time
the next morning staying in the passes until mid after noon. Crabs are also starting to spawn and make their way into the gulf
the mass migration of crabs makes them the best bait for Tarpon, PLEASE only take a few crabs, maybe 6 to 12 at a time
each crab you take because you want them is 100 that will not be there next year. taking a live well full of crabs is the same
as killing fish, what you need is a couple what you want is a waste and that is never a good thing. People are jumping up and down
about killing tarpon, but do not think about the food which brings them here. 

5/19/14 for this week we have 2 maps the 1st is Robert
the 2nd is from Captain Tom Fisher



    Capt. Tom Fisher Fishes for Tarpon in the upper Harbor and on the Beaches for Tarpon.
 Capt. Tom Advice the this weeks Tarpon hunt is Have a big boat for the wind, by Thursday the winds will be slowing down,
and while this wind is blowing know the limits of your boat, Fishin is about fun and getting hurt, So be careful.
When the wind backs off, Start looking for Schools of Threadfins, you will need a 10' or bigger net with 5/8 inch mesh.
 if you want to catch bait in deep water, the best thing is a Sabiki rig,
Tom likes a #6 hook or smaller and the green dot or bead seems to be the key.
Once you have bait, And you find the Tarpon how you approach them is key, try to see which way they are moving and get in front of them
Please do not get between a boat and a moving pod of Tarpon that boat got there first, let them have their shot & then take yours

Try a bait under a float 4 to 5 foot below the bobber and use the other free line.
Capt tom wishes you the best and good hunting / or fish hunting if you would like a trip with Capt. Fish as I call him click his picture or call

here are the Capt. Tom's best picks for places to find Tarpon


   This Map is with the help of Capt. Ryan
   The holes and the sand bars just north of Pirate Harbor
  Capt. Ryan has been wackin the Tarpon, Capt. Ryan is using thread fish.
  casting at rolling Tarpon, Capt Ryan says the float is not as good as free line right now ,
but that will change soon.
 Capt Ryan has a back up plan for rough days or when you thread fins are hard to find and that is
a chunk of Mullet on the bottom. both work,
well but bottom fishing almost as if you were Shark fishin along the sand bar in about 6 feet of water not
 chasing the fish but waiting. Capt Ryan I and I talked when he will start moving out to the beaches,
he said almost any day, a couple of huge Schools
 of Tarpon have just moved in along the beach and in a couple days when they settle in,
the beaches are going to be loaded with chewing Tarpon
 Click Capt, Ryan's picture to go to his web site





      Map 05/01/14