Tarpon maps and reports for 2016   Past Years


10/24/16- Tarpon over the last couple weeks, is different
we have been expecting them to come crashing back into the Harbor after the hurricane came through
and just as we were going to report on all of the Tarpon herein the Harbor they are gone,
Not completely but very very few are still here .
If they show back up anywhere but the ones which will live out the winter months in the
Canals which there are more small Tarpon in the canals this year than ever before
We will post it. Sorry it took so long but with the North fort MKyers store getting open
and life we thought they would be back. 



09/28/16- Tarpon  are still loaded in the upper  Harbor
The key is to find lady fish, they are kind of hard to find right now,
There is a lot of tarpon by Alligator Creek out towards the reef and the Lady fish
are there as well, try trolling for the lady fish.
The Tarpon bite is getting better witht he passing days and with no cold front for a while
it is going to stay good. we cover a lot about tarpon on the Area Fishin report on Radio Fishin
but I plan to talk to Captains and put up that recording as soon as possible.




09/22/16- Tarpon scattered all over the upper Harbor
Lady fish and chunks of Mullet are the key right now. You do have to look so have a full tank of fuel
but they are there, just exactly where of there is the question
   Radio fishin - Talking Tarpon - 09/22/16 23 minutes


09/14/16- Tarpon are hard to find and not really biting well,
This is a difficult year for the silver King, maybe the excess rain all season or the hot weather
or the Russians have hacked the tarpon data base. What ever there is a shot at a Big fish
In front of colony point from 8 to 9 in the morning, then some time during the day
they have been showing up from Ponce park over to Alligator creek and or out by the reef.
Lures are the bait buster and the storm swim bait, reel the storm slowly where as if you use the DOA
it is a jigging action, No bait is the ONE to use could be cat fish tails or maybe lady fish.
or an alien species of animal. I wish I knew

Talk Tarpon Radio Fishin 09/14/16, 27 minutes



08/22/16- Tarpon has been  best from the reef to alligator creek
from 40 pound fish to 100 pound plus. Bait buster and storm swim baits
They are really eating lady fish.
The storm bait is a slow steady retrieve, You might want to try popper lures,
yes this is a top water bite
We are hoping the big push of Tarpon is yet to come but maybe this is it.

Tarpon talking radio fishin 08/22/16



08/17/16- Tarpon Fishin is not what it could be this summer.
The tarpon took a run out into the Gulf, I mean 50 or more miles out and have just been hanging out there
in the deep water. This week there has been a bit more tarpon move back into the Harbor.
From just south of Ponce Park out to the alligator Reef and down along the sand bar on the east side.
Some Tarpon hanging out in the middle and upper holes.
Key to getting tarpon is finding the lady fish, Find the lady fish and them throw the Storm Swim baits
for the Tarpon and slow with to moderate reeling, on the retrieve. and that is the way several have been hooked.
D.O.A. bait buster another good one. Lady fish alive free lined is good as well, But the slow reeled Storm bait has been the best net.




06/30/16- Tarpon have not changed much since the last reports
There is quite a few between I-75 and 41 but I did not mark the map with
them as they are there only at night or first thing in the morning. as marked with the purple dot
Out in Harbor the Tarpon are eating DOA bait buster, or a storm swim shad or for the live baiters
thread fin and or cat fish, small cats live or larger ones chunks of tail

 Radio tarpon talk 07/04/2016 Happy Independence day click here. 35 minutes




06/30/16- Tarpon are moving a lot the thunder storms are moving fish
up into the Harbor as the storms are hitting more in the Gulf and not so much in the Harbor itself.
The Tarpon on the beaches are in small pods, and they are moving slower, a little easier for a bite/hook-up.
I would be taking advantage of the Tarpon still on the beaches, where the Harbor is going to get better,
and the tarpon will be not on the beach or the pass in another month.
In the Harbor, Cat-fish and threadfin are your best bait. on the beaches or the hill. Crabs or thread-fins are the
best bet.
Under the bridges at night it is a Pin fish or Thread fin bite.
    Radio Tarpon talk with Robert, Capt. Cayle, and Fishin frank 06/30/16 46 minutes


06/27/16- Tarpon are starting to move back up into he Harbor although
there is a lot of Tarpon working the beaches, bet fishing seems to be from Captiva to Venice
lots of territory but there is a lot of Tarpon, The Tarpon have been on the hill pretty steady
just in side Boca, and the good news for us in the upper Harbor the holes are attracting plenty of Big Tarpon

  Click here for this weeks tarpon talk radio program 06/27/16   20 minutes


06/20/16- Tarpon have been up in the Harbor, in good numbers.
But the real action is out by Boca, The hill tides or simple terms very strong out going tides
are the final big crab feed and last hoo-rah for the spawning. so very intense feed
. There are Tarpon along the beaches, and it has been very good fishing to ok
so I used both Red and yellow. The Pass fishing for big Tarpon is going to be better after dark
So get a couple Q-beam lights and head out for some Tarpon action. a reminder
We get a lot fo afternoon to early evening stroms so watch the weather even more right now.
P.S. - good to be back at the reports.




Tarpon Fishin is really tough, the new moon hill tide is behind us, So the Tarpon should be
moving into the Harbor, The west winds should push some bait fish into the Harbor, and the River rose 3 feet in the last 28 hours
which should wash some bait down river, between those two thing the tarpon should be thick in the Haror once the storms leave
The lighting seem to chase the Tarpon out into deep water,
we wont know ofr sure until the wind from the Tropical storm lets up
but looking forward to a great Tarpon week next week.


Tarpon 05/24/16 ok simple map, Tarpon are loaded up into the pass/passes
it is hill tide right now which means, A very strong out going tide which is what the crabs use to get out of Charlotte
harbor and into the gulf, this mass migration of crabs is well known to tarpon and means feast.
The Tarpon will feast on hundreds of these crabs, and then head out into the gulf to spawn.

So while there may be one or two unsociable fish here or there, 98 percent of the Tarpon
are in the passes . Ok so simple go get them.


Tarpon over this last week, The vast majority ran off shore out into the gulf, because of the last front
now last night they have all moved back into the passes Boca and Captiva passes the tarpon here are feeding on
Thread fins and or Crabs. It seems to be an all day bite, Any time the Tarpon are going to move back up into
the ICW and the Harbor holes. Good time to try the kitchen sink theory, throw lots of different baits and
lures because there is no pattern to the bite yet.
Dead bait /cut bait is a strong thing to try right now, The tarpon with every weather going on
should be more likely to bite / feed off the bottom on easy to catch dead bait.
Casting or bobber jigging  a Bait bust DOA or a Storm jig, I think the bobber jigging with
6 feet of leader from the float to the jig is your best bet.
If you are going to cast and retrieve. Cast and the retrieve would be hard pull up, and
slow reel letting the jig fall then hard up again.

this will be or sould be a two to three day event then every thing will change.
We will be back to let you know where and how the Tarpon bite heads




Tarpon 05/04/16 the chase for Tarpon took a different twist this week. The Tarpon
which had been moving along the beaches on the out side of Boca and the Barrier islands
have now moved into the ICW. The fishing techniques have changed as well,
 along the beaches it was run and gun to see pods of Tarpon and get in front of them.
Now that they are in the Inter-coastal, It is a what and let them come to you.
So finding a good spot is about looking for a point where the ICW narrows then opens up to
a larger shallow area. Anchor your boat, cast out a free line Thread fin and a thread fin under a bobber.
Then cast out a dead bait on the bottom like a chunk of lady fish or Mullet or even a thread fin.
The bad news or good news is you will also hook up sharks, Cobia or even Big Mackerel.


Tarpon along the I.C.W. between St. James and up the inter-coastal to Cayo Costa
are all in ones or two's that is why I used yellow dots . The beach is also sort of hit or miss
that is why the red and yellow.
The most consistent place is the deep holes in the harbor, drifting with live or even dead lady fish
is almost a hook-up guarantee. Lures like paddle tail swim bait are working great.
cool trick is to place it 6 feet below a float. and let the bobber jig it.
Crabs and Shrimp are doing best along the beaches, the shrimp do not have to be very big
place the shrimp on a 1/2 once jig head maybe a 3/8 and cast it out let it sink, let slow jig it back in.
Crabs a #2 split shot just to get the crab down a bit.

The Harbor Tarpon are eating thread fins and or lady fish.
cabbage key has a big knot of Tarpon white bait large size or big 5 plus inch thread fins
free line