Tarpon maps and reports for   Past Years Tarpon Maps
We will be doing Tarpon shows on Radio fishin which will be marked Tarpon.


Tarpon Reports for 2017


Fishin Frank & Robert   09/01/17--------  Tarpon are a bit tougher Cape haze reef or
Alligator creek reef, some out on the beaches.
DOA bait buster and the Savage trout are the best lures,
Live lady fish is the number 1 best bet,

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/15/17--------  Small tarpon on the flats on the east side just on the out side edge of
the Islands, and on the west side the Tarpon are right out side of the bar.
Fishin Frank & Robert   09/23/17-------- Lots of Tarpon at least the smaller ones on hte flats and nn the canals
The larger tarpon on at the Pine Islands sound with pin fish.

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/29/17--------   Drifting lady fish in hte deep holes,
or you can go for smaller ones which are thick on the flats.



Fishin Frank & Robert   08/25/17--------  Tarpon in the holes in the Harbor
They are moving hole to hole I would look off the bottom of the west wall.
Cape haze, In Boca pass has Tarpon moving in or out afternoon bite in Boca pass

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/11/17-------- Tarpon look at the reef and then check the deep holes
start 20 foot  then middle final Pirate Harbor then swing west to cape haze then up the west side.
the deep holes are better in hte middle of the day as the deeper water is cooler.
Some Tarpon in Boca and Captiva look at the phosphate dock they have been hanging out there
The Mayaka river is another decent chance either there or not.

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/18/17-------- Tarpon have been a bit hard to get lately
at el-jo and in the river, The deep holes have tarpon moving from hole to hole
Lady fish is key to the bite , watch for lady fish , catch one and put it out under a float
right where you caught it, that is where the tarpon will hit it. Live under a float, if the fish dies
take off the float, and free line the dead lady fish.



Fishin Frank & Robert   08/04/17-------- The Tarpon have been in and out of the holes,
The phosphate dock in Boca, some Tarpon along the beaches.
The west wall had a bunch of Tarpon, The trick to this is to catch a lady fish,
and then your big rod then use a float for the lady fish, and then stay with the lady fish while you drift
Then you cast a DOA bait buster. The tie able steel leader is the Tarpon leader of choice.
With the dark water it is a good as the floro leader.





Fishin Frank & Robert   07/06/17-------- Tarpon are on the beaches, But more and more are inside
the harbor, they are scattered, Capt. Cayle has been in the tick of them between the holes just south of the reef.
Captiva pass has some better chances at tarpon. There is enough lady fish in front of Alligator creek to enitice the tarpon
up close to mangrove point.
find a spot where the tarpon are rolling and stay there, if they were rolling there and then they move do not move with them
wait for a bit and get quiet they will come back to that spot 7 times out of ten.

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/15/17--------  The Tarpon are really keyed in on hte Lady fish, which means the west side
is the best right now, as it has most lady fish, all of the hole will have Tarpon but not all day
They are moving in and out up and down the Harbor
The DOA bait buster is the king of Tarpon lures, slow trolled or casting.

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/21/17-------- Tarpon are moving all over the holes up to the Myakka
The best numbers seem to be on the east or west sides, the middle your looking for rolling fish
The big deal is to find the lady fish. Tyhe passes have tarpon in hte evening to night time, Not much during the day

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/29/17-------- Tarpon are really biting but you have to look for them once you see them
just stop and put out a lady fish live or dead, Then start casting a bait buster,
The Harbor is where the best fishing, there mostly in the holes if not the one your in look to the next
The out side of the sand bar the big Tarpon are going to be 7 foot or deeper the small tarpon are on the bars.





   Fishin Frank & Robert   06/17/17--------   Tarpon been working the beach early in the day, The Passes like Boca and Captiva have lot sof Tarpon
Until 9 am or so , The Tarpon seem to move up on the hill or maybe out side on the pan.
The after noon bite is good starting around 5 :Pm During the day the Tarpon mill around until about 9:am then decide to
go some where either north or south and they are moving at 6 MPH so you really have to run to get in front of them.
  Night time bite is the way to go, 41 bridge or the bridges in Fort Myers are hitting Live or dead Shrimp all night.
Fishin Frank & Robert   06/23/17-------- The Tarpon have been way out in to the gulf or disappeared through a hole
in time space , but several have come back and are on the beaches.
North up from Venice north there is a ton of Tarpon on the beaches.

 Boca pass to Gasparilla and down to Captiva the Tarpon are on the beaches there as well.
I hav3e a bet with Robert that the tarpon are going to be in the holes of the Harbor as the bait has moved in.
Lots of tarpon at the 41 bridge at night from 10 to dawn, and shrimp is the best bait.
Snook and Triple tail are the by catch

Fishin Frank & Robert   06/30/17------- Boca has Tarpon is a morning or dark thing
The full moon will shift the tarpon bite to late in the day.
The beaches ate the most consistat area to catch or hook up, now they could be very close to shore
But if the storms had move by they will be out 3 miles from the beach. From sanibel start looking nnorth to Stump pass

The bridges of cape coral, 41, Placida, tom Adams, Crabs are good bait on the beaches,
But here in the upper harbor the tarpon are scattered but it is a thread fin bait thing.
The night time bite is steady but day time if you look you can find them check the mouth of the myakka River
and watching them blow up and shoot into the sky very cool.








 Tarpon map 05/13/17

Tarpon now that the full moon is over the Tarpon should settle in to more of a pattern
They did not leave last night as they are holding better in the pass.
The Tarpon just moved up onto the hill today and yesterday was the first day of really good fishing
on the hill, Small to med size crabs. one day they wnat tiny crabs the next day larger hand size.
Thread fins are in the gulf moving into the Harbor and will star to be better bait for the tarpon
as they numbers on crease in the Harbor.




  Tarpon map 05/04/17

Tarpon are  on the beaches, but days like today, they seem to have headed off into the
Gulf. And the most likley reason is the Thunder storm. The Tarpon are like scared
little baby fish when it comes to lighting, and head for deep water.
The best lures right now are the Live Target swim bait reeled slowly just fast enough
to get the tail moving. or the DOA Bait buster, which should be jigged just a bit.

The tarpon were up river, but the number thinned down while there is still some Tarpon
up by the Navigator the only people hooking up have live mullet. from 5 to 10 inches
free lining them.

  Tarpon map 05/02/17



Tarpon map 04/07/17

The Tarpon have just start biting,. the Captains all have Tarpon rods on the boat
so this year is off to a very good start, and with the water temps being perfect
and the cool front this week. we are hoping for better and better.


Tarpon maps and reports for   Past Years
We will be doing Tarpon shows on Radio fishin which will be marked Tarpon.