Tarpon maps and reports for   Past Years
We will be doing Tarpon shows on Radio fishin which will be marked Tarpon.

 Tarpon map 05/13/17

Tarpon now that the full moon is over the Tarpon should settle in to more of a pattern
They did not leave last night as they are holding better in the pass.
The Tarpon just moved up onto the hill today and yesterday was the first day of really good fishing
on the hill, Small to med size crabs. one day they wnat tiny crabs the next day larger hand size.
Thread fins are in the gulf moving into the Harbor and will star to be better bait for the tarpon
as they numbers on crease in the Harbor.




  Tarpon map 05/04/17

Tarpon are  on the beaches, but days like today, they seem to have headed off into the
Gulf. And the most likley reason is the Thunder storm. The Tarpon are like scared
little baby fish when it comes to lighting, and head for deep water.
The best lures right now are the Live Target swim bait reeled slowly just fast enough
to get the tail moving. or the DOA Bait buster, which should be jigged just a bit.

The tarpon were up river, but the number thinned down while there is still some Tarpon
up by the Navigator the only people hooking up have live mullet. from 5 to 10 inches
free lining them.

  Tarpon map 05/02/17



Tarpon map 04/07/17

The Tarpon have just start biting,. the Captains all have Tarpon rods on the boat
so this year is off to a very good start, and with the water temps being perfect
and the cool front this week. we are hoping for better and better.