Tarpon map  2011   
                        Up-dates as they happen .
Tarpon center





   Red dots are thicker numbers,            Yellow dots are a fewer fish


Bait preferences 60 / 40 Crabs to thread fins. The beaches are the best place to look for Tarpon, But they could
be almost anywhere, reports from up river seeing fish, but not really hooking up.






Tarpon are best bet is the Pass early in the Am. Then they are pushing out into the gulf,
The Tarpon which should be in the Harbor are cursing the beaches now. Look for daisy chaining. What I mean by that
is when the tarpon get nose to tail and swim in a circle. No I am not kidding many times it is almost a perfect circle of
swimming tarpon. Maybe it is a mating thing or just getting to know the neighbor better, or it could be a
farewell see ya next year dance they do. heck they could be signaling aliens for all we know about what they do.
But do it they do.





When along the beaches watch for tarpon daisy chaining " Swimming in a group, moving in a circle "
If you are looking in thee Harbor watch for free jumpers, " When a Tarpon jumps out of the water for unknown reason "



Tarpon are finally moving up into the Harbor, I was out and saw several free jumping in the middle of the harbor.
They are also moving along the beaches in increasing numbers. While the pass and just inside on the hill still have the most numbers of fish
You can now find tarpon away from the crowds.





Most of the Tarpon have been concentration around the passes,
But a growing number can be found along the beaches. daisy chaining
Tarpon are being reported all over the shore lines.
The Tarpon should be moving back into the Harbor Soon, evening and Night drift with crabs
 or Bait fish getting lots of fish in the air.




 Jigs, Red/ green Tiger still strong, but the Chartreuse/ orange tiger doing well
 still keep switching the colors, zebra, and root beer, are starting to take off.

Crabs are the live bait of choice on the hill and along the beaches, once you get
away from the pods and try throwing at rolling fish, Thread fins are starting to
work. The Tarpon are moving in and out the pass, but they are not going far,

The evening live bait drifts, have been getting lots of hook ups,
Jigs rule the day light hours, but very early or late, try drifting crabs.





This is a strange year, But the pass is the place to be right now, The day time jig fishing and the evening drift with live bait
Is great, The silver kings are showing why they are the premier game fish. Watching these silver fish sky rocket towards the sun
is breathtaking. and it is happing NOW.




The Tarpon have begun to move back into the Harbor, and the Rivers. There are lots of reports of rolling tarpon, all across the board
 The Trick is to get them to eat. take every thing you can think of. And try several different things. If free line ing the bait is not working
 switch baits, then maybe switch to lures.
Think outside the box, same old , same old is not going to do it.




Tarpon have been pushed off the coast out between 3 to 10 miles, something with the high
Northwest winds, moved them out. The good news is they should be back in the pass by Saturday.

Look for a very strong bite by the weekend.
If you are going out today, crabs, or threadies are your best bet. Dwayne has had 4 on this morning,
and the bite is still going on. he is 9 miles out into the gulf.

Keep in mind this is going to change rapidly now, so keep posted.



older reports So you can see the Movement of the fish over the season.



This weeks Tarpon map is a blank. Anything I would put would be a guess not a report.
This wind has the Tarpon moving all over, Now you see them, now you don't.
Today it should be 10 to 15 mph winds,
So by tomorrow I should have a handle on where the best bites are.




Windy windy windy, You have 2 choices if you want to catch a Tarpon right now.
You can leave before day light, & get it done by 10:am or
You can catch the evening bite after 6:pm,
the winds have been almost clam each night & by 10:am you are going to get beat up.    



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