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 white dot = Fair

 Yellow dot = Better
 Red dot = Best       
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Tarpon first thing in the morning are thick in the Pass, Then they seem to move out side
The beaches have Tarpon cruiseing them mid morning & late afternoon,
In the Harbor the Tarpon are thick, Both of the bars have Tarpon on them east & west sides
the Deep holes all have Tarpon, The are plenty OF Threadfins but they do not show themselves
until the tide stats coming in from the gulf, Thread fin best bait for the hole Tarpon
The Myakka River, El-Jo & the Peace River both have good schools of Tarpon
in the Rivers try to find cat fish and use small live ones with
the spines removed or chunks of Tail meat from the cats.


The massive amounts of fresh water coming down from the river is makeing it
Tough. But these are Reports in today From Captain Dan Latham.
SO this is the lastest info.

Crabs & threadfins seem to be the best live baits right now.
However if you are looking at river fish, i would have Catfish, either small live ones
or cut the tail into chunks. Keep in mind, if you are useing live catfish cut off the spines'
Safty first





Debby washed the Tarpon out of the Pass, But they are thick in the rivers,
and from what I hear the Tarpon have been cruising the beaches.
Thye reef off Alligator creek has a lot of Tarpon on it.




This storm changes every thing, As soon as Debby passes we will get our maps
up-to-date, Right now it is all a guess.

Sorry but right now no way to know



It Has Been a strange Year Around here for Tarpon, But the weather this Year has been weird,
Captain's Like Dwayne French have been hookin up, But many more old school boats have not
been able to catch fish. So with the changes in the weather & the changes to Boca Pass itself.
The Pass is several hundred yards narrower, A lot of Guides are wondering why they can not catch
Fish, So they blame Captains like Dwayne Who catch Tarpon Every day, It has to be his fault.

Why don't Some Guides catch Tarpon & Captain Dwayne French does,
#1 he is better at it and works his butt off for his customers.
#2 You have to change techniques as the Tarpon Changes, Or the Tarpon Fishing changes.
 Let me explain it simple
If you do the exact same thing each time, and it does not work, Then you expect different results?
 Maybe you should take up cutting grass for a living and give up trying to be a Tarpon Guide.

So to the report the Tarpon in the Pass are still biting, but early bird gets the Tarpon,
some point in the morning they have been moving up onto the hill, inside But there was several large
Boats drifting around the same school of Tarpon for several hours and no Fish on.
So if you are on the hill looking for Tarpon< I would try to have some Crabs & Shrimp yes shrimp
Many people do not realize how many Shrimp are moving through the Pass every day.

Experiment with your bait and have a bait under a float, maybe one free line,
and have some rubber core sinkers, ready to put on to get your bait down, if the first two methods
don't work.




The Tarpon are starting to move around more, ever day more and more Tarpon
are leaving the pass, & instead of heading into the Gulf the are cruising the beaches
or heading up into the Harbor, It is just about that time, many of them have had their
 fun spawning,
{ I wonder do fish have as much fun doing that as we do?} ,  Any way All that means
is the Harbor & beach Tarpon fishing is going into full swing. The are still biting well
in the Pass for all you NASCAR fishin fans, But now you should be able to start looking
for the quiet time with just you and Your Tarpon. Remember cuddling a Tarpon is ok
But spooning with them is a little weird,




5 05/25/2012

Ok weird is holding true, The Tarpon are holding in the pass, I do not know why they are not moving in on to the hill
they should be but they are not. The beaches are quiet not many Tarpon cruising them, The Only Tarpon on the Beach
I have heard of is north of Gasparilla,
The Harbor really has little or no Tarpon in it, Like I say they are holding in the pass for some reason, And if you
 are not jiggin you are not catching fish,    ,


 Jig are king in the pass, The jiggers are hooking up, Red or natural heads are the hot ones right now.
Live bait for Tarpon on the pan is doing well.
Tarpon has slowed up in the Harbor over the last few days, but it will be getting better again very soon




The pass is the story right now there are Tarpon in the harbor, but by far the largest
Groups are in the Pass. Early morning Hit the Pass from day light you have 2 or three hours to
Get jiggy, Then they are moving up onto the hill.

The Hill is inside of the Pass about where the intercostals crosses,
You cant miss it just look for a whole bunch of boats
going around in circles, the Captains scratching their heads with confused looks on their faces,
 trying to figure out how to hook up one of the Thousand 150 pound fish rolling and surfacing
everywhere but where they are.

The best to get one hooked up is to use the kitchen sink method,
throw every thing at them you have and when that does not work,
toss a big shrimp with just a little bit of weight split shot or rubber core sinker
depending on the tide,





Tarpon fishin has been good in the Harbor Thread fins are the best bait right now, But I would not trust that
Blue crabs hooked through the corner of the point is a great back-up Tarpon like any other creature may just get
in the mood for something different Plan B is always a good idea.
A few bigger fish 160or better are in the Pass. most are in the 60 to 100 pound range. Capt Dwayne has had a couple up to 190 pounds
in the Pass, But the majority of the Tarpon in larger number are still in the Harbor
I thnk the habor is the better hoice but hard to ishin the wind , lot going to the maykka


Hope the iwnds lighting did nnot run the Tarpon to deeer waters of the gulf the Tarpon do not klike the lighting other fish do not seems to care but Tarpo
will head out to 60 feet of water and hug the bottom until it all clears i just don make sense.




Lots of different reports, Lures is holding steady with the bait buster slicked up with
Pro cure Ladyfish scent, Around the bridges the Banan Bomber is the best,
Thread fins about hand size seem to be king of the Harbor holes. But Crabs are doing well
around the passes.
JIg fishin in the pass is kind of a toss up, Red head or Chartuse, The Green Tiger is a classic
But the berkely power tail shads are becomeing popular. Whaite tiger or ornage Tiger are
seeling quitely but staedy, So the hush hush colors for right now.s




Yes the Tarpon are in the pass, Up harbor Tarpon is still going strong
 Bait fish seems to be the best bet Threadies or green backs,
I have heard of a few hooked on bigger shrimp. Cut bait is also doing well
whiting, Lady fish are both great bets.
Lures well they same as a while ago but we have in Stock the new
Lady fish scent from Pro-cure, put some on a bait-buster or a 9 inch Hogy
lure and hang on, it is hot, & it works,


It has really been booming, Tarpon are in,
The Harbor & biting, Lady fish, Bombers,
White bait or threadfins, Take your pick it is on. I had a hunch it was going to turn on.
Lots of folks getting their first fish. What a wild ride the last 3 days.



We went from a really good week to a fair start for this one, I have been waiting to change the map until I heard what
was, Going on the bad part was it slowed, I expect to have to do a new map, very shortly because as you see by the map
many fish have moved to the out side, into the gulf, This is a common occurrence before they head into the Harbor full tilt.




Tarpon, Have been coming into Marco Island, Everglades city, and points south
very thick, The off shore reefs in 20 feet of water are holding lots of Tarpon
Captiva Rocks been fishable number of Tarpon, The Cape Coral bridge
has it's share of Tarpon right now, Night time is the best time.

When you are looking for Tarpon they are not rolling a lot yet,
but Free jumpers ar4e frequent, whether you are in the intercostals' or The Harbor




There more and more reports of Tarpon, These are there areas where Tarpon have been
hooked or landed, It is not quite time where you can target them, but these are the
best spots to get Lucky .


Bay shore pier has Tarpon rolling very morning
right now, good spot for land based fishing, or for boat.
Cape Haze has Tarpon working the bar & the reef.


Tarpon have been seen steady now for the last week on the near shore reefs
Sherman's & Helen's reef both have had Tarpon on them. If you think this is
strange. This is what normally happens each year as the Tarpon come from
all over the gulf for the spawning which takes place here.
being as they come from Texas, Mexico, Every where really this just makes sense
that the Off shore fisherman would see them first.
Over the next month or so. If you are fishing the gulf reefs, watch for the schools
Of Tarpon, you can set your course by them directly to Boca Grande Pass.
They travel in schools they way you would expect Dolphins to Travel
proposing across the surface. Then when they get to the close Reefs within
 15 miles or so only then do they start to mill around, You can see them rolling
while they feed and start looking for that Good Lookin Member of the opposite
sex to settle down with for the next couple of months and raise 50 or 10 thousand kids

Unless we have a cold front which takes the water temps down 5 degrees
there should be enough Tarpon in the Harbor by April 1st to go out and
reasonably expect to Target Tarpon & catch one,

If it is not climate change then the Gods have conspired to change all of the rules
15 years ago Tarpon did not show up until the 1st or 2nd week of May, No Tournaments
were held until after the 15th of May because there might not be Tarpon here Yet.

7 years ago it started to change. The Tarpon were showing the 3rd or 4th week of
April and in full swing by May.

Now we are looking for them to here in fishable Numbers by the 1st of April,
I don't care who you are this is getting weird !



 Capt. Dwayne  Free Jump is what we call it when a Tarpon
launches itself into the air clearing the water completely,
 There are some tarpon doing this in the lower Harbor
A few free jumpers. The Cobia have been mixed up with the Tarpon

 My best guess to catch a Tarpon Right now would be in the middle of the Harbor
 Middle hole during a slack tide either early or late in the day,
when the wind & tide slack off. set up your gear, Thread fin or big Shrimp
on the hook , stay low in the boat and keep our eyes open for a rolling flash of silver
 once you seen it use your trolling motor to get to the spot. then cast out and just drift
  it is largely a matter of "are you lucky" or not at this time.



Capt Dwayne -----I have seen Tarpon free Jump
In the holes out in the harbor this week, and there have
been a few sneak into the Pass, I believe these are resident fish
waiting for the travelers to show back up. I will be keeping
an eye out for More Tarpon to appear and I will let you know.
I am getting booked up for this year, I think people are seeing what
I am seeing, the start of an early season, If you want to catch your
Tarpon of a lifetime check out my website. For more info at
monstertarpon.com or just click the button . Monster Tarpon


While there are some Tarpon here all year, these are small juvenile fish.
 Even with Catch & release there is some accidents and in order to keep
 The Tarpon populations healthy I am not going to promote the fishing of these smaller
 One thing I have learned about Tarpon is that the vast percentage of the Fish which return here
 Year after year were born here. If anything happens to the small fish We would see an end to the
 Tarpon fishing as we know it. So if you find them be content to catch one or two.
Then leave them alone, to grow up breed make lots of babies. & keep the Tarpon
 coming back to Charlotte Harbor for our kids & Grandkids to share in the wonder
that is Tarpon fishing Charlotte Harbor.


Maps will be posted as soon as the adults show up
Yellow dots mean fewer number of fish, you will have to work for it.
 Red dots mean it is hot, & you should hook up.

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Capt Dwayne Now would be a good time to start dusting off
the Tarpon Rods.
a few fish are being spotted up-River & around the bridges,
even out in the open Harbor.
With the warm winter we are going to see an early Tarpon event this Year.
 If you want to try the Tarpon up-river use a chunk of fresh caught Catfish
let it lay out free line with the currant.
while many of these fish are in the 30 pound range,
there are 100 pound plus fish mixed in with them,
so get ready with a little luck, there is a great day waiting for you.
I have run many a early season Tarpon Charter trips up-river
and you never really know how they will turn out.
All I can say is that this looks to be one of the best pre-season bite I have ever seen.
Capt. Dwayne 941-628-2348



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