Tarpon map 2013
On this page are Maps of where we have heard of Tarpon
 being caught or seen the dots show appropriate location.  
 white dot = Fair
less than 50% Chance
 Yellow dot =
Better 50/50 chance
 Red dot = Good really good chance   
The Tarpon are still here to play with, scattered all over the place, but the Rivers are where
the action is now, the holes in the Harbor or the beach still have some Tarpon but double
tough to get them to bite, DOA and Power bait swim shads are the ticket out there, but it is
100 casts to get a hook up.
If you head up the rivers cut bait or live bait, or the lures the Tarpon are holding in the
deeper bends of the Rivers and around the bridges or trestles.


7/9/13  The Pass is hot again Tarpon, The Tarpon have just dumped back into
the pass, the morning bite is ok, the after noon bite is incredible. Crabs , thread fins &
pin fish. try to have some of each, fish are primarily hanging along the edges, Here's
the key they are there in the pass, but could be right up by the inter coastal or all the way
to 5 miles out in the shipping channel. Spinning tackle is going to be your buddy here,
tie a 4 foot leader of 60 pound floro, then about a foot from the knot add a 1/2 to 3/4
once rubber core sinker, this will help hold the bait down into the currant. Keep in mind
when I say spinning, I mean 50 pound braid or heavier. No light tackle. There are still sharks
and you need to be able to land that fish.




7/1/13  Tarpon are or should be moving up into the Harbor with all this rain
The rain will bring them on into the Harbor & Rivers. they don't mind the fresh water.
watch for schools of river Shads, much like a fresh water version of white bait. And the
Tarpon munch them up. Now is the time to have your bait buster lure ready, You might
want to get a 3/4 once Rat-L-trap but make sure you bend the barbs.
Bomber 16 in the Chartres color is another one to have at the ready, but again flatten the
barbs, Flattening the barbs is about you not the fish, Tarpon have such a hard mouth
the barbs make not a lot of difference, but if you get a barb in your fingers and one in the
 Tarpon that is bad news. but with no barbs it is no big deal, Hook in - hook out.
 Let your lure go deep and work them back up. Oh and don't be afraid of trolling
Tarpon is a fish, and trolling is a great way to catch fish.



Tarpon Have left the Pass, Not to fear though, it is just the storms which have
moved them. For such a big fish, they are not very brave, the first time lighting strikes the
water, they haul out to deeper water, maybe they are just smarter than us. We are out there
fishin for them in the rain & wind, even lighting may not keep us in. After the first couple of
lighting strikes the Tarpon are 3 miles + out in the gulf. RUN forest run!
According to Robert, who if you are smart you listen to, The Tarpon fishin inside the Pass &
Harbor will be back in full catch mode by Saturday. Until them it will be hit or miss,
For the silver kings. The best bet is first light early dark thirty, or evening as the sun is setting,
the best places to look are just inside of the passes in the intercostals, or find a bridge after dark.
I think the bridges after dark would be my best guess as well,
Good luck happy hunting.






Pass fishin is the place to be, jigs are the bait I need, Crabs workin good out side
Keep the gulf just give me that bumpy ride.

Ok I was trying to do green acre's, theme song almost worked.
Tarpon are just not really anywhere if not in the Pass, beach fishin is ok,
Ambush them, No prisoners, Crabs & Thread-fins are the live bait of choice,
Big hammer tails with a Plain lead 4 once jig head, They are just rockin them on them.


Boca Grande Pass is the Place to be, jiggin is the bait for me, pass fishin is the place for me,
tarpon stretching out as far and wide, keep The gulf and give me that bumpy ride,
Ok I was still trying to do green acre's, theme song almost worked. not quite




Tarpon, Beach Passes and intercostals are the main concentration of Tarpon
Over the next few days the Tarpon should be moving back into the Harbor holes.
Crabs are still the number 1 bait, bait larger thread fins the size of your hand or bigger
are a close second. early morning for jigs is the best then switch over the bait. I would start
with fish/ Squirrel or thread fin, or larger white bait, Silver Trout or sugar Trout are a great
secret weapon right now. Not a really good Tarpon bait last year but doing much better this
Year. Bait busters or swimming mullet, or both good but no clear color of which is best,
I think they are trying to dial in what color is going to work, for right now we are selling
 every color on the wall. ,








Tarpon Are heavy in the pass and along the beaches, early and late in the day are the best times
Mid day is still good, but when the sun is slanting, the bite is better. Often these fish will not
Chew, it is simple matter of The female Tarpon is really pretty, and he is thinking more about her
then filling his belly right now. but when they are done, hey you know a snack is what they will
be looking for. So just wait a bit they will feed soon. And oh yeah a little privacy please
no one likes a peeping tom.





  Tarpon fishin late morning to mid day your best bet is going to be just off Bokeelia
 Jug Creek Shoals out side the bars, Thread fins and DOA lures best bet, If they get out to
16 20 feet of water consider a 3/4 once Rat-L-Tarp bend down the barbs of the hooks

Start the day in the pass is about Jigs and Squirrel fish, Drift by or over the schools
Mid day in the pass is tough fishin double tough, you will or should do much better inside
after 9 or 10 am





This Week the Tarpon really started to pick up and eat! The deep holes in the harbor
To Sanibel Island, The silver king are moving in. Over the week end we had some rain
and a little wind, But I think that just kept the water temp, Even While cold is no good
Hot can be just as bad. So D.O.A. bait busters, and Live Threadfins are doing well
IT is early and no telling, hearing a coupe stories of the old fashion MirrOlure the TT's
Getting blasted by Tarpon at cape hazes


  Tarpon right now I don't know what to think, they showed up just like Poof!! here we are.
 I think Tarpon season is here, and is only going to get better, the weather patterns are very much
like what they should be at the end of May not the middle of April. You are going to be hunting
they are scattered, the big problem is they are not really rolling much yet, a couple degrees warmer
and they will be easier to find.
I would try drifting with live thread fins under a bobber, and have another line with a small rubber core
sinker trying t get it down closer to the bottom, with out being on the bottom, tricky I know but trial
& error will make that hook up happen.

                                      Robert  My best tarpon guess places for 4/16/2013


Tarpon season this year, is going to be another early one,
Hopefully this year People will concentrate on having fun
and catching fish.

  Here are a couple of places where the Tarpon are starting to
  show up, The are no steady reports of catching, but there are some
 being caught mostly just see Tarpon rolling