Tent sale 2018

Well for right now we are looking at either the 17 or the 24th of March. It turns out that the
Bass master Classic our other competitors is on the 17th so we are trying to find out if
the vendors will be able to come to the 17th. If not we are moving to Saturday March 24th 2018

So far we have have these companies booked for either date in 2018



Tim Johnson The owner of Reaper Rods
 will be here. Meet and talk with Tim about the
 revolutionary new Micro wave Guide systems.

 Which make Reaper Rods out cast any thing!
  Reaper Rods are made here in Port Charlotte

































A.F.W. American fishin wire will be here.
 Shawn Will be here showing why we sell
so much A.F.W. products.




         Shawn from the A.F.W. factory

 Will be here to answer questions & give deals on their products.
  Remember to check out their Floro-carbon leader great for flats fishing
The A.F.W. red wire leader is my favorite Shark & Spanish mackerel leader.

 Shawn has a New Fishin Buddy, Since he
        was at last years Tent Event                          Quarto is one of my favorite lines to use


This is a case of you just want to meet these people, Once you meet them
and try the product you will understand why each year we add more & more
A.F.W & Hi Seas on our walls at Fishin Franks




Storm Lures
       Here it is the #1
  best fish Catchin lure
     of 2013 & 2014

                              and they are on sale!

 Come meet the storm Factory.
   This is Jim a Friend &
 a real fisherman, one of
 the coolest guys in the industry
 and get Great a price. Jim loves to deal
  on the #1 best selling lure.
why rest just because you are #number 1.




What can I say, But you get to see how to work the Lures, Right in front of you

Deals & deals Meet with the factory, They will help you find the perfect lure for you
Jim wears a couple hats

He is really The Rapala man,
 which owns Storm so the
 same company.

Jim understand how to work a skitter walk
 to make the fish explode on it.




      Top boss, big dog & Inventor of Seblie lures,
Patrick Sebile !!!!   Will be here!!!
     Chris the Brand manager and

Watch Chris and the guys throw Sebile lures in the casting Tank, Learn the secrets of
                catching Fish with a Sebile lure.



 Have you fished Sebile?          If you have you know they catch fish,
If you haven't maybe it was the Price?           Yes they are a little pricey.
Be at the SEBILE booth, I promise you will not believe it. If you fish Sebile every day
or ever wanted to try one. BE HERE! I can't explain, But BE HERE!




Barry owner of Star Rods, a great guy.
Barry will be here giving great deals on the best selling Rods we have.

 Star Rods have the best warranty in the business.    Ask Barry to sign your Star Rod 

The Number 1 Fishin Rod in Florida for over 40 years




 Mark Nichols
 owner and inventor
   of the D.O.A.


        D.O.A. Bait buster #1 tarpon lure ever