Tides graphs listed in alphabetical order.  
                                                                   This is a two day graph for each location.
 Click one                                  This is an explanation of How and why
For the Tide                                   The tides do what they do here.
                                            In Each area the Tides will be different,
                                                       So take a look and see
                                         What the tides is doing where you are going

you need.

Boca Pass   

Tides for charlotte Harbor -
This is very confusing for people who lived by an ocean. On an ocean you have  four, tide changes a day. Simple every 6 hours or so it changes. NOT here, in 24  hours there could be 1-2-3-4-5- changes in a day none and six changes are  possible although I have not seen that yet. This has something to do with water currants in the gulf, or maybe, when the tide comes in from the Atlantic,
 it simply sloshes back and forth?

Ok lets get to the tides. We exchange about 2 feet of water during a 24 hour period, in Charlotte Harbor. The term "HIGH" is used to describe the most water during that time, Not implying that the water will be high, or deep.

 The same applies to "LOW" this is the lowest the water will be for that time. Highs and lows are only for reference. Or if you are stuck on a sand bar.

High is the most water for that time then it is "outgoing" until it reaches it lowest point then when "low" it is "incoming" until high.

To know how much water you will have look after the time. 0.0 is
MLLW= mean lower low water. All charts depths are at 0.0

Your house and land based objects are measured from High tide, in our case 2.0 is the normal high for our area.

0.0 is the same every where. The high changes every place you go,

As said our High tide is 2.0 the water can be higher or lower than this height.
 1.0 is the average.

Keep in mind that high tides may be lower than some lows or vise versa.

Best bet look at a chart, The only way a tide clock works in Charlotte is if
you hang it over the water, and when it is wet, it's high tide.


Captiva Pass

El Jobean


Lemon Bay

Matlacha Pass


Peace River

Pine Island

Pine Land

Port Charlotte

Punta Gorda

Punta Rassa

Redfish Pass




            Why is the tides different heights during part of the year  understanding Tides