Weird fish of Charlotte Harbor.
There is no order Just as I thought about putting them here.
1st Lizard-fish, 2nd Toad-fish


Lizard Fish,

Some-times you will catch these in Charlotte Harbor.
Lizard fish are often caught in the Gulf when trolling spoons,
They hit lures sometimes as big as they are.

This Lizard fish is about 12 inches long which is good size for them.
I am not sure if you can eat them. I do know they make great Grouper bait.


They have a triangle shaped head, and a mouth full of teeth.

Lizard fish are not poisonous that I know of.

a fairly common catch in our area.


Toad fish


Gulf toadfish - Opsanus beta This is a weird fish you have probably
 caught while fishing from one of the
local piers.

The most common names
Toad Fish
Mother-in-law fish
Oyster cracker.

A really big one would be 10 inches
They are all mouth, then the body
goes sloping down to the tail.

If his belly is full. "and they will eat anything"
it will protrude.

It's mouth is full of teeth.


Sea Robin ,
Yes it is a edible fish, but it would have to be quite large more than 14 inches
to really have any meat, It uses it's legs to smell, much like the whiskers on a catfish.
These are a rather common catch in Charlotte Harbor. The average size is 6 to 8 inches here.





Here is the Eye of a Sea Robin
spectacular color.