Where to fish with a deep draft boat when you need more than 2 feet of water


Fuel docks  where to get fuel on the water
Deep V places
 these are spots for boats who draft more water
                       our deep "V" friends.

Reefs    Reefs & wrecks in charlotte Harbor, and the Gulf of Mexico, 
                                 keep in mind Boca Grande Pass is Lee County

14 foot hole   Located at the mouth of the Myakka River.      

Alligator Creek   North east side of Charlotte Harbor.         

Alligator Reef  This is the reef just south of Punta Gorda ,
                               and west of Alligator creek   

Burnt Store  Southern end of Charlotte Harbor, East side,
                           Fishing any where but the channel is extremely shallow access.

Cape Haze reef   The best of the in Harbor big fish reefs

Cattle Dock   On the Myakka River good place for Reds

deep Holes   You could call these the tarpon holes of Charlotte Harbor.
                            There are three of them sort of in a row. Good spots for Shark or Tarpon.  

Jug Creek shoals   Lower Harbor, at the North end of Pine island.  

Liver-Pool  Located on the Peace river about 20 minutes north of the 41 bridges 

locks SGC  enter off the Myakka River. locks going into South Gulf Cove.

Sans Souic  Shell creek, across from Harbour Heights, off the Peace river.

Tippy Canoe   Off the Myakka River,
                            Great winter time Sea Trout fishing.