Gasparilla sound/ tailing flats

Gasprilla sound/ tailing flats


Fishin Frank & Robert   01/06/18------- trout is really good by Devil fish and the next islands north
all the way to rabbit, whidden creek is full of fish in the deep hole , nice red fish Shrimp is a good bet for bait
Fishin Frank & Robert   01/15/18------- Lots of Trout on the flats after the red tide the fish are starting to movre back in
# sisters has pompano and lady fish in the holes, Reds in whidden and cat fish getting better by the day
Cut bait like lady fish
Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   01/19/18------ The back side of boca has Trout and some Lady fish and Pompano
and the the tailing flats there is some reds and a bunch of smaller Trout. Whidden has some big reds way up inside    - 

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   01/27/18------On the boca side the three sisters and the canals have a bunch
of sheep head and Trout and possible Gag grouper. Black drum in the 10 pound range.
The pot hole on hte tailing flats have alot of Trout. the red fish and Snook in cat fish and whidden creek



Fishin Frank & Robert   01/10/17-------- The clam fields have Trout and decent fishing for Reds
cat fish and whidden creeks both have fish in them.
Sheep head are looking for deeper cuts on the flats and by the mangroves looking for food.

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/19/17--------  Lady fish and Trout and Black tiip sharks.
Up to the mangroves any shore line with 2 feet of water has big sheep head
and there is a bunch of Reds as well

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/30/17-------- Lot sof Trout ande Lady fish and there is Blue fish mixed in
The Red fish are more scattered and the sheep head are in with the reds on the flats
The Sharks are moving in the flats and when you hook up the sharks are going air borne.
Yes the sharks are jumping and making a show of getting caught


Fishin Frank & Robert   02/13/17-------- Shyeep head on the flats along with some Trout,
There is some Red fish here on the flats but they are sort of spooky.




Fishin Frank & Robert   03/06/17-------- Red fish on this flat, spooky but you can snaek up on them
There is some decent Blue fish fishing and Trout, The Tarpon big ones on the flats here

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/13/17--------  A ton of Trout on the flats pick a lure they will hit it..
But mixed sizes not as steady of big Trout as in Bull. There is a BUnch of Snook around the islands

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/23/17-------- a lot of Red fish out on the flats, they are a bit spooky but drift
your boat to find them , The clam lease has a bunch of sharks and wierd the Snook are hanging out with them .

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/29/17-------- Sheep head all over the flats and by the ICW,
The clam lease has a bunch of Red fish just to the north. cut pin fish are the best bait, even better than live pins

Fishin Frank & Robert   04/07/17-------- this is great fishing for red fish scattered all over the flats
The Snook are more by the islands. The flats also have a bunch of Lady fish & Trout some Jacks

Fishin Frank & Robert   04/21/17-------- whidden creek and cat fish are great for Snook and Trout
near the ICW Spanish and lady fish near cayo pelau
Red fish in the open flats hiding in the grass. and around the islands the reds are out 10 15 feet off


Fishin Frank & Robert   04/28/17-------  -Cayo palue has a lot of fish, and Snad fly is very good
Whidden bay has Trout in the holes and Snook and red fish scattered
on the back side of Boca Jacks , Trout, Red fish, snook. The canals have a some sheep head and big snapper
Three sister has Snook and red fish.

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/04/17--------  lot of big Trout toward whidden or cat fish creeks
Plenty of Red fish in the creeks. The snook are getting ready for the spawn in big numbers
Fishin Frank & Robert   05/13/17--------  lot sof trout around evil fish, Poppin g corks and some lady fish around Cayo Palu
snok around the out side of Palue. cut a lady fish in half for gaint snook,
a ton of reds in whidden creek.
Boac grande on the ICw side the docks have a tome of Grouper and Snapers
Red fish and Snook are thick under the docks as well. Pi fish is the bait of choice.

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/20/17-------- Tons of Snook all over the flats most of them are
hanging out next to the islands. Lady fish and Trout on the open water.
Snook fishing is really good says Capt Austin the creek and around Devil fish is great.  

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/26/17--------   Behind Boca the golf course has a lot of Trout
tons of Snook from the canals and there is some legal size Gags.
Sand fly key is loaded with Snook, on the out side of the bar near the ICW schools of snook


Fishin Frank & Robert   06/17/17-------- red fish near the trees and up in the creeks,
Trout on the flats along with some lady fish, and possible sharks.
Fishin Frank & Robert   06/23/17-------- Better for more types of fish, Lady fish , Trout, Blue fish
and Spanish, There is sharks on the flats larger Lemon or Bull.
Med steady retrive with the lures, Crab are the best bait for these over sized reds.

Fishin Frank & Robert   06/30/17------- Red fish up in the creeks , and they are moving around under the mangroves
Snook fishing is very good in the cuts between the islands, Jacks and lady fish on the flats




Fishin Frank & Robert   07/06/17-------- The clam fields have some trout and ther are reds on hte flats
hiding in the grass, the lady fish and mackerel by the ICW

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/15/17--------  Some reds and closer to the ICW there is mackerel and
some lady fish.

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/21/17-------- A good fishing spot for Snook against the shore of the islands
and in the creeks, quite a few red fish are showing up here, On the open flats there is small sharks
Trout, Possible 50 pound Tarpon look for lady fish

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/29/17-------- more fish and better chances here for Lady fish, Blue fish
Trout and even better red fish, the reds seem to be right next to the islands, but islands in the back
the water is too hot stay to the outer islands



Fishin Frank & Robert   07/29/16----- The flats there is Trout and some Blue fish

around the islands the red fish are under the bushes

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/04/17-------- Some Lady fish and or Trout, possible red fish,
The Snook in the cuts between the islands are really thick, Lemon nd black tip sharks
Sand fly key has Snook and the back of cat fish has a lot of reds, these fish are way back up in there
Cut pin fish are still the best bait here for Red fish.

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/11/17-------- From devil fish to sand fly Trout, the sand holes on the flats
are holding red fish, the ICW Spanish and Blue fish possible Trout.
The snook back in the creeks are smaller

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/18/17-------- from devil fish to placida Red fish on the pot hole
and snook between the islands where ever the water is flowing.
Red fish back in Boges hole. still a few Trout on the flats
Fishin Frank & Robert   08/25/17------- Devil fish to placida the islands have red fish around them
The flats have tarpon and Lemon sharks and nurse sharks more around the clam beds-
Whidden and cat fish have a ton of Red fish, drift the boat and you can see the reds tail.



Fishin Frank & Robert   08/08/16----- whidden bay has some good Red fish fishing
and Trout and Spanish closer to the ICW.

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/15/16-----  Pin fish are getting thick the dollar size ones
which bring in the Red Fish, Small spoons, or if you want to use bait, try a chunk of lady fish

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/22/16----- Some reds all over the flats more by devil fish
but they are moving across the flats

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/29/16-----  Lots of reds on the the flats, some larger trout
tons of puffer fish here on the flats.




Fishin Frank & Robert   09/01/17-------- Whidden and cat fish creeks have red fish closer to the mouth
The flats here have Trout really quite a few. Robert says mackerel in 5 to 6 feet of water
Fishin Frank & Robert   09/15/17--------  Red fish on the flats and the Snook up by the mangroves
Fishin Frank & Robert   09/23/17-------- The red fish are thicker around the mangroves and back into
whidden and cat fish creeks, the open flats have some Lady fish and Trout
Fishin Frank & Robert   09/29/17--------  Lady fish and Trout on the flats , you have to look but they are there
the red fish are finding the places where it a little deeper. Sharks on the flats as well


Fishin Frank & Robert   09/13/16-----  Trout bunches of them the tailing flats east side of the ICW.
On paddle tail shad lures, the shore line of the islands have a bunch of Red fish. Some Snappers
in the holes under the trees. three sisters has a ton of Trout , Red fish and some Black drum under the docks
on the in side of Boca

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/22/16----- Red fish on the flats , the clam beds have some nice reds and decent snook
Lot sof snook on the back side of Boca, the canals have Snook and Snappers

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/28/16-----  Red Tide is while not steady here but it could get bad.
Right now this minute it is ok, Please no catch and release.




Fishin Frank & Robert   10/14/17------- Lots of different fish, Reds, Snook veen Trout,
some Sharks, and Tarpon, a few pompano, some Lady fish 

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/20/17--------  Cayo Palue and up to whidden bay, Red fish.
on the flats.

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/27/17-------- Lots of stuff, From Devil fish to the bridge there is Trout
and the reds are from under the bushes out on to the flats. The Snook are between the islands


Fishin Frank & Robert   10/18/16----- Lots of reds out on the flats,
The ICW has bunches of Snook which many are on the flat as well, find a hole find a Snook
Big Lemon Sharks on the flats 8 foot shark 2 feet of water

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/24/16----- the clam fields have a bunch of red fish, the Snook
are just thick here on the flats and in the creeks.
There is a bunch of Trout around devil fish key look for the deeper holes, Gulp shrimp on a poppin cork
the poppin cork will often get you a big ole Red fish.



Fishin Frank & Robert   11/04/17-------- Pompano and flounder, Red fish and Snook on the flats
there is some bait fish, the clam fields have some of the best snook fishing in this area,
Some Spanish in the ICW

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/11/17-------- a lot of fish more Snook and red fish then many areas
Trout and some Mackerel by the ICW. The reds are scattered but trying to get into the creeks 
Sheep head and Some Black drum under the docks on the Boca side.

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/23/17-------- Lots of snook and they are moving up into the creeks
  Red fish more shorts than slot fish are in the grass on the open flats

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/14/16----- Red tide is not bad but not good
No catch and release.

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/08/16----- Both huge and under size Red Fish
Pompano in the ICw Flounder and some Trout, Plenty of Puffer fish to chew up your soft plastic lures

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/21/16----- red tide on and off no reports
Fishin Frank & Robert   11/29/16----- some red tide east of the ICW Strong red tide on the back side of boca.





Fishin Frank & Robert   12/02/17------- Lots of Snook around Devil fish and Sand fly,
getting back into reds in Whidden or cat fish creek. Lots of snappers under the mangroves. 
Oyster beds have a bunch of nice sheep head  

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/08/17------ Spanish near the ICW, Devil fish and sand fly have a lot Snook and a bunch of reds
The Pompano are where the shallow sand meets the dark water- quite a few Snook back near Cat fish creek or whidden
Paddle tail are key to finding nice Trout or lady fish, and bunchs of snook

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/29/17------- Today red tide and this will change, There was
a lot of trout open flat and the Snook under the bushes.   


Fishin Frank & Robert   12/13/16-----  Red tide hit pretty hard but the creeks are full of Red fish
willing to eat. some Trout coming back into the ICW.

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/22/16--------   whidden creek has a bunch of red fish, look for deeper water
Cat fish which is very shallow creek, has a lot of red fish if you can get in
Black tip and small bull sharks on the flats and in the ICW

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/28/16-------- Blue fish here in the flats where the Trout are supposed to be
the blue fish has moved in. Sheep head in the holes and against the mangroves
the dock on the back of Boca have red fish and some black drum.
The snook are also moving out to the island