14 foot hole mouth of the Myakka    

This hole has long been a favorite of Cobia, Shark, and Tarpon fisherman,       

I first learned of this in 1985 and have fished here ever since. I am not sure
            why it is as good a spot as it is, but good it is.

I do not have the G.P.S. coordinates for it. You do not have to be right on the hole to catch fish.
If there is another boat anchored there, please anchor off to the east or west of them. Do not
anchor in someone else's chum line, a 200 foot rule is a good one here, if you are both chumming,
you both have a better shot at the big one.

This will take you to google maps to see the area better      

      The Yellow dot is the 14 foot hole, the Red dot is marker #8 at the mouth of the river.














One of my favorite baits for this hole is a Free lined Spanish Sardine,
If it is Tarpon I use a 60 pound fluorocarbon leader. 7/0 circle hook
If it is small Shark a 4/0 hook with a 30 pound 18" steel leader. Same Spanish sardine.

For larger Sharks I use chunks' of Mullet or Lady fish,
With a 9/0 to 12/0 hook, 100 to 250 pound test steel leader.
The chunks should be about as big as your fist.


Finding this hole is easy just follow the instructions below.













Please try to stay out of out peoples chum line,
That is completely RUDE.
go off to one side or the other and do your own chum line,
Two different chum lines will spread the chum farther
and is better than one narrow chum field anyway.
               Just a reminder make the same effort for others.