17 th street
 fishing spot. On Gasparilla Island or Boca Grande.      

 The 17th st. is a favorite place of mine because you can
 wade fish, snorkel, or just walk the beach casting for springtime Snook.
 This place looks like someone's drive way. It is not,
 State law requires access to the beach.  
 But this dose not mean you can walk through some ones yard or park in a drive way.
 there is parking for two cars at the end of this road.
 If both places are taken you have to go somewhere else or have your car towed,
 Rich people don't play well with others.

 For a better view click here   

 This happens to be the only rock reef you can swim. there are more rocks and reefs than you can see in this picture
 you just have to look when you get there.

 For more info on this place stop in and talk to one of the people behind the counter, or one of the Captains hanging out.

Fishin the bar for Pompano and whiting can be great.
 Sand fleas can be caught right along the shoreline,
where the waves lap the beach.
 Use a Fla. snow shovel and scoop sand right at the waters edge, rinse out the sand
and you will see small critters about the size of the end of your little finger.
Turn them over the legs point to the rear, out your hook through the back of the flea,
and cast him out,

Many fish travel the trough in between  the shore and the sand bar,
 more so than out side the bar,
so having a 14 foot surf rod is not really an advantage.
 Snook fishing is done with 6 feet of the sand.

How to get there.


 These are a couple of the tricky turns
 Once you go over the Myakka River bridge go past the first traffic light, get in the left lane, and turn left at the second light,




















    Here is the turn to get on the island,
  There is a toll charge of about $4.oo to get onto the island.




















Summary: 27.1 miles (39 minutes)

Time Mile Instruction For Toward
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart 4425 Tamiami Tr, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 on US-41
Fishin Franks
. . . . .
9:00 AM 0.1 Turn LEFT (North-West) onto US-41 5.6 mi
9:07 AM 5.7 Bear LEFT
 (West) onto Local road(s)
21 yds
9:08 AM 5.7 Road name changes to SR-776 [El Jobean Rd] 7.1 mi
9:17 AM 12.8 Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-776 [McCall Rd] 1.1 mi
9:18 AM 13.9 Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-771 [Gasparilla Rd] 7.7 mi
9:28 AM 21.5 Turn RIGHT (West) onto CR-775 [Placida Rd] 0.3 mi
9:29 AM 21.8 Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-771 [Boca Grande Causeway] 2.0 mi
9:33 AM 23.8 Road name changes to Gasparilla Rd 3.2 mi
9:39 AM 27.0 Turn RIGHT (West)
onto 17th St E
131 yds
9:39 AM 27.1 Arrive  17th St E, Boca Grande, FL 33921

Driving distance: 27.1 miles
Trip duration: 39 minutes
Driving time: 39 minutes
Cost: $2.80