Alligator Creek 

Alligator Creek is one of the most well known and talked about Creeks, every fall as the temperature drop
This creek loads up with Trout, near the bottom of the page I show you the trout spots.
Alligator Creek has also produced Monster Snook, big Snook, as well as many other types of fish, Jacks
are common catches. Red fish, Snapper, sheep head, big Black Drum all call this creek home.

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 The entrance to the creek from the Harbor always have a hook curve & turn to it. As shown in the pics here.














     The Channel has been re dredged to by pass the last hard turns and head to the Harbor straighter. here you can see what was, and what it is now.    















     Alligator Creek is not a very long creek and it seems it's head waters get started with the run off from a few lakes
 and lots of ditches. Here the entire creek is highlighted So you get an idea of the whole system.




















 In this pic. I have run a line by the fishable section of the creek you can get farther up the creek
 but this seems to have the better fishing, and it get really shallow and skinny up past this.




















   Here the yellow dots give you a lay out of the better Trout fishing places, It is quite simple fish the deeper side of the creek, and thats where
 the Spotted sea Trout are going to be. The best fishing here For Trout is when the water temperature is below 70 degrees. the cooler the better




















   This is the old locks going into Burnt store isles, The locks are no longer there, but the structure is.
 the old lock system hold Sheep head, Snapper, and bunches of other fish. a great place to fish away a windy day.
 This is a good distance up the creek, when going this far up a creek remember your paddle.

IT is very easy to see, No you did not miss it, you just did not go far enough.















    For that windy day try finding your way all the way out past U.S. 41 to the Rail Road trestle, some of the biggest Snook
 and smallest Tarpon I have ever seen came from here.