This is just a tribute for our friend , a way of reminiscing with our thoughts of Angel
 more formally know as Captain Angel Torres.
                     Below are exerts from face book. during the short time the unthinkable occurred.
                    there will be a smile, and a laugh missing from the shop which was uniquely Angel.

                                               Kristie Lugiewicz











































































































































































































Vicious Strikes, I remember the day he decided on this name for his business. Angel was so excited.

All this brings to mind when this big kid, came into the bait shop, He lived for fishing, Every seawall, canal, bridge, ditch, it did not matter Angel fished them all.
It was using lures which captivated Angel, How they worked when would a fish strike them, what tide did this spot require, what moon, Sun or shade,
 He had to know it all. Standing for hours casting lures watching the tide flow, how did it affect the play of his lure.

Then came the day he decided to be a Charter Captain , unlike most, he mated on other Captains boats, Mine include for very little pay he learned
Then his passed the tests got his license, and off he went, The guide program with Quantum, By then Angel was speaking at all of the fishing clubs,
sending photos to the Magazines, Every fisherman in the area had in some way came into contact with Angel, His dream was to turn Pro winning several tournaments
Then finally Catching the eye of Penn, They had just hired him pro staff not just the guide program He made it where hundred of thousand of guide only dream of doing
He was Pro.