Barge canal    

This is a Favorite of boater and Kayakers alike, easy access from Ponce De Leon park,
It is not accessible to wading from the ramp. you must have a boat of some kind to get there.

The entrance into the barge canal is very shallow less than 2 feet most of the time, once you are in the canal water is not a problem.
Snook , sand brim, redfish, Snapper all make a home in this waterway.

It is ironic that the best time to fish here is in the winter when the tide is so low you would most likely have to drag your Kayak to get here.


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  The Red line shows where the barge canal is.

  The yellow line here shows the Creek which allows access to the canal. Which is really not that important,
as most of us just fish the creek, Every once in a blue moon the Barge canal will hold some good fish.
but the creek is hot.

This canal was used to get equipment into and out of the P.G.I. canals while they were digging them.
Once the canals were finished, they had to dam it off, which never made sense to me,
it was probably the same guy who said it was good to drain the ever glades or lets build New Orleans below sea level.
or maybe it was the guy who said, "you don't need all that extra safety shut off, nothing goes wrong on an oil rig.
Anyway the red arrows shows where the dams are.

 It can be very very shallow getting in.





















Here is a guide for fishing the Creek, it is not gospel, use this as a reference.
But her you can see to my experience the right side is the better and so I put the boat on the left.

From Ponce to the barge canal