Blow down creek  

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This is a very small creek, as we were exploring it, two big fish smacked the side of the boat,
 stupid fish yes, full tilt bam right into the side while I was trying to turn around
Blow down creek averages 20 feet wide. you can see the dark water here which shows the deeper parts.

Springtime Snook fishing for big snook should be very good here,
fall early winter this is one of the creeks that stacks up with red fish.
years ago this was a favorite stop net place for commercial fisherman hunting schools of mullet. 

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In The picture below, you see the dark area which is the creek. The way I fish this is to

stay just out side the creek in the shallow water, Then I cast into the mouth of the creek.
if you go right into the creek you will scare/spook every fish as the creek is just not that big.

if I do not start catching fish within about 30 minutes, I will then ease into the mouth of the creek.
only as far in as swo I can cast at the first branches, or the start of the curve.
By slowly fishing my way in to to creek I am not spooking out the fish I hope to catch.

If I have not caught a fish by time time I can cast around the first bend, There is not fish in this creek

and I will wait for the weather to change until I try it again.

 Sept, Oct, and march, April are the months this creek has the best fishing



This is the entrance to Blow down creek, very hard to tell anything is there at all.




















As you get closer the creek mouth starts to appear.



Navigating small creek can be challenging,
A smart boat operator know you can not see what's in the water ahead you,
So get someone to sit on the bow.
keep in mind even slow it is easy to knock some one off the bow,
if the motor hangs on an unseen object below the surface, sitting is best.



 Here are some random shots of the creek just to give you an idea of what it is like.

In several spots the creek narrows because of the blow downs to lees than 10 feet.



This is just before we left the creek.

This was one of the hardest turns to make.

So take this one at dead slow

 and be prepared to use the branches to make this turn.