Burnt store       
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 There are two islands in the mouth of the channel going into Burnt Store Marina.
The flats to the north and south are exceptionally shallow.
 On high tides there are two creeks which offer some great fishing for red fish,
The channel itself is famous for Spotted sea trout fishing,
For some reason Snook seem to bunch up around the island on the north side of the channel.
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This page took a while, as there are so many fish to fish for, and trying to decide how best to show you.

In the picture below is one of the best places to Trout fish
Right in the entrance To burnt store.

 This is a great spot to use jigs, Hopping a jig across this canal
The Trout seem to like the water between the islands,
 So if the tide is going in anchor to the out side,
 If it is going out anchor to the inside of the islands.

Please remember this is a boating channel stay well to one side or the other.


The Picture below is to show you Snook Fishing, But while you look at that,
take notice of the flats both to the north and south. These flats are famous for schools of red fish.

Seldom is there not some one walking / wading these flats for Red fish,
The grass spots some not even 2 feet across wil hold several reds, 
You would swear there could not be any thing, then the reds spook out as you wade to the grass,


 On Higher tides along the shore lines
it is common to find Reds or snook feeding under the mangroves.




 This inside canal holds Mangrove snappers and sheep head,
 do not be surprised if a Gag grouper or Jew fish, grabs your bait.
 Some of the better fishing.



Her are the basic location of the creeks I mentioned at the top of the page.





  While from the Harbor it dose not look like much there is a lot of water connected to this little creek.
  For us in boats it is not really useable for Red fish, well they like it just fine.