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You must have a management permit or pay by the day when you get there, this is not free access,
to the management area. There are no Gas engines allowed on the lakes, electric only.
If you have a gas engine on the boat it must be locked in the up position with trailer lock in place.

There are Bass, Crappie, Chain pickerel, Blue gills, any many, many more types of fish here.


Boat ramp #1 Pictured below, closest to the entrance, great bass fishing,
my favorite lure here is the Zippin Ziggy or the Zara puppy.

Ramp #2 middle of the lake chain, Speaking of chain, Jeff has seen and caught Chain Pickerel Here.


Ramp #3 at the lower end of the lakes, The land you see on the other side from the ramp is an island.
It would take all day just to fish around that island alone.

A view from 41 or I-75  Tuckers Grade exit on I-75






Summary: 11.4 miles (15 minutes)

Time Mile Instruction For  
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart 4425 Tamiami Tr, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 on US-41 (South-East) 9.4 mi
1   From Fishin Franks  
9:11 AM 10.0 Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-762 [Tuckers Grade] 1.4 mi
9:15 AM 11.4 Arrive Cecile Webb
State wild life
management area

Driving distance: 11.4 miles
Trip duration: 15 minutes
Driving time: 15 minutes
Cost: $0.97