Edge water Boat ramp               
Deep water access to this canal BUT it is VERY shallow where it meets East spring lake, for anything other than a Flats boat or Jon boat,
 you would need a 1.3 tide or better to make it over the shallows and out to the Harbor. Bath room are not convenient. the whole park is kind of
screwed up. poor design by the county. the ramp is good but he rest of it dumb lay out, poor design.

This is a pay Ramp. 
look at on google Maps , 

 this road is under construction and changing, The county is really inter-coursing the canine on this project should be done by 2018




In this photo you can see how for inand the canal goes. This is a good spot for the windy days of winter. drifting by the island you see
just over the red dot with a shrimp wieghted by a #5 split shot on a #2 wide gap hook and you will get hit almost every pass.
left or right of the island.


Even with the uneven color you can see the shallow spots you have to cross trying to get out.



Here are some rainy days pictures of the ramp.







Summary: 3.2 miles (8 minutes)

Time Mile Instruction For Toward
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart 4425 Tamiami Tr,  Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980 on US-41 South
Fishin Franks
142 yds
9:00 AM 0.1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Edgewater Dr 3.1 mi
9:08 AM 3.2 Arrive Edgewater Ramp

Driving distance: 3.2 miles
Trip duration: 8 minutes
Driving time: 8 minutes
Cost: $0.27