Fishin Franks

             Fish Identification chart Charlotte Harbor   
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     Description: redfish                         Description: bluerunr

        Red fish                                       Blue Runner   / C.B. 
  Very good eating                         can be eaten if really hungry


  Description: groupgag                             Description: groupjew

      Gag Grouper                              Goliath Grouper      (can not)

     Great eating                         “Jew Fish”   endangered  ( keep )

     Description: flougulf                       Description: mackspan 

        Flounder                                 Spanish mackerel    

      Great eating                             good better smoked

  Description: sbmullet                    Description: smojarra 

       Mullet  / C.B.                             Sand Bream  /  C.B.

       Great eating                                    great eating

 Description: tripletail                    Description: snook

      Triple Tail                                           Snook

     Great eating                                     great eating

Description: tarplady                  Description: tarpon  

     Lady Fish  / C.B.                                 Tarpon

Edible must be starving               Nasty do not even bother

Description: trout                        Description: porgshee

  Spotted Trout                                   Sheep head

  Good eating                                     good eating

Description: hardcat            Description: gaffcat

        Hard Head   / C.B.             Sail-cat   “Gaff-top”  / C.B.

 Fair eating “mud flavor”                   good eating

Description: silverper                Description: sostingry

     Sugar Trout   / C.B.                      Sting ray   /C.B.

      Great eating                      ok eating, “fillet like flounder”

                                             The cookie cutter is a myth.   

     Description: scalhammerDescription: bonnethead

          Hammer Head                 Bonnet or shovel nose

           Good eating                           great eating      

Description: gulfking Description: litltunny

        Whiting  / C.B.            Bonita  / C.B.

         Good eating                       no way taste like tin can


       Description: jack            Description: cobia

         Jack Crevalle  / C.B.                     Cobia 

       Ok best smoked                      really good eating


     Description: flpompano        Description: permit     

              Pompano                                    Permit   

           Great eating                                Ok eating


Description: saltwater_spadatla[1]                         Description: saltwater_snaplane[1]

Atlantic spade fish                               Lane snapper

   Good eating                                   very good eating

Description: saltwater_sharkatl[1]        Description: saltwater_snapgray[1]

      Sharp nose shark                       Grey or Mangrove snapper

        Good eating                                        great eating


Description: saltwater_drumblac[1]         Description: saltwater_drumsand[1]

        Black Drum                              Silver / Sand trout  / C.B.

       Good eating                                        good eating


Description: bluefish  Description: alliggar   

       Blue Fish                               Gar

Good eating if you are from                                      fair eating hard to clean

The north east no so good for the

Rest of us

               Commonly used bait fish

Description: ballyhoo          Description: menhaden

                Bally-hoo                                   menhaden


    Description: pinfish            Description: scsardin

         Pin fish                          Green back


     Description: spsardin           Description: thhering

    Spanish Sardine                Thread fin


Most bait fish must be caught by you, to be used

Live. Salt-water bait fish do not live well, and are only available in stores as frozen bait.

The / C.B. means often used for cut bait.

The eating rating is my opinion. Most fish are filleted the same as

A Bass they just taste better.


Check the F.W.C.  Regulations booklet for size and bag limits.

      Have fun fishing and enjoy beautiful Charlotte Harbor.

Fishin Franks