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Peace river systems  "Fishin History"
Harbor Heights & up river along with Shell Creek

Harbor Heights park-  Sans Souice trestle  River Side
Liver Pool       Chester Robert Park
Patty Ave Pier                          760 Boat ramp    
water treatment plant 

Fishin Frank & Robert   06/??/21 ----     



Darst boat ramp     I-75 bridges "boat only"     


41 bridges - ..... Power pole park          "Fishin History" 





 Laishley Pier     -  "Fishin History   River Side
Patty Ave pier





Bay shore piers- . .............  "Fishin History"






    Radio fishin report


Port charlotte Canals Salt/brackish         

           "Fishin History"

 Port charlotte Beach pier- .  
  Spillways along 41   
 East Spring lake       Edgewater Ramp
Lister Park   
Sunrise waterway




  El-Jo bean Pier ...           "Fishin History"

  El-Jo bean pier-




Myakka River area ...           "Fishin History"

 Myakka cutoff-    "Fishin History"
 Cattle dock      Tippy Canoe bay  14 foot hole
   El-Jo Bean Ramp       






South Gulf cove canals- ........     "Fishin History"     
Butter ford Ramp
South Gulf Cove park

Locks S.G.C.





      Radio fishin report


The West wall & Creeks

West wall.                   "Fishin History"
Blow down creek.
 Muddy Bay   
Oyster Creek.     Trout Creek




       Radio fishin report

 Cape Haze -    
Muddy Bay        "Fishin History" 





                                                                                               "Fishin History"

Bull bay- 
Turtle bay
Gallagher's Cut





Cape haze reef, and Danger Reef -. ......     "Fishin report archive History" 






      Radio fishin report

Gasparilla sound/ tailing flats       "Fishin report archive History"







Placida pier / Placida  "trestle" Coral Creek pier    "Fishin History of this spot"  
Little Gasparilla pass




 Lemon Bay ...

  Stump Pass      Red bug  

Lemon Bay park      "Fishin History"  







   Englewood Ainger pier
 next to Tom Adams bridge
 "Fishin History" 




Venice  Jetties    Sharky's Pier





Gulf of Mexico bottom fishin & trolling -
 Reefs & Wrecks "Fishin History" 






walking the beaches




    "Fishin History" 

The Passes 
 Punta Rassa

 Red fish pass
 Captiva pass
 Boca Grande Pass 
 Little Gasparilla pass

 Stump Pass 

Venice  Jetties
"Fishin History" 



Punta Rassa / Sanibel Island..\/ St.James City        "Fishin History"

Turner Beach
Bowmans Beach.





Matlacha  .--------   "Fishin History"

Indian fields
Smoke House bay






Pine Island sound ----  "Fishin History"
Rat and tat keys






 Jug Creek Shoals  "Fishin History"  Bokeelia-







Burnt store          Two Pines   "Fishin report archive History"





   East Side "keys"   Cormorant key   

Bay Back key       Sneaky Creek     
 Skating Rink

Hobbs point-  ......Pirate Harbor- "Fishin History"






Alligator Creek-.......     "Fishin History"                
Poachers Cut      Skating Rink







Ponce de-Leon park-  "Fishin History"




P.G.I. Canals & Punta Gorda.... "Fishin History

P.G.I. canals  .Poachers Cut
 Skating Rink
 Elizabeth Park

Barge Canal  Gilchrist pier-  .........P. G. Nature Park







Gilchrist pier-  .........      "Fishin History"    




Alligator creek reef "/concrete reef/1mile reef  "Fishin History"





 Deep holes in Charlotte Harbor-    "Fishin History"







Fresh Water- Canals, Creeks,        
Ponds, & lakes,
.   "Fishin History"




Tarpon reports 









      Radio fishin report

In memory of Capt Angel 1975-2010


 In Memory of Captain Angel
Angel remains here with us,
 He was my friend, I miss him


        Fishin Frank-----            

  It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not carry a score card.


Since August 1984 when I first walked through the door here at Fishin Franks,
I found the people / customers to be the best part of this job,
and all these decades later that is still true.
You all are the best part of the day.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives so many years
Fishin Frank