Gallagher's Cut      

This is a very shallow getting into the cut. But the beach areas right around the cut make for great
deep v boat fishing, 4 to 6 feet of water provide access to Reds, Snook, and Trout, With so many places
too shallow for big boats, it is nice to find a place to get into where the fishing is good, even fr4om your
cuddy cabin 26 footer.

Located at the south end of Turtle Bay. Gallagher's Cut is one of the entrances into Turtle Bay.
It has a very cool feature compared to the other entrances, It is 12 feet deep,
Lots of water come in and out of this cut, Making it a great fishing spot.
Red fish, Blue fish, Snapper, even Grouper and Snook hang out here in this cut.

Knowing that you would assume it is hard to find a place to anchor up, lots of people fish here.
This is not a place to drift. It is too narrow with fast moving water,
On the 5th picture down I show other places you can fish around the cut,

Here are the Lat     26-46.244   Keep in mind it is better to come straight in from the south
082-10.590    rather than along the shore, there are lots of sand bars sticking out,
                                           all along this shore line.

       look at this on         




       This is a general view of Gallagher's Cut, you can see the deep water inside the cut which makes the fishing here,
       at times spectacular. while getting into the cut is shallow the beach to the right has 5 foot depth on almost5 any tide.



 This is an over view to get your bearings on just where is Gallagher's Cut





  A little closer, in this Photo you can see how much water there is in Turtle Bay and the reason the currant rips through there so Fast.
  That is a lot of water to get out of a couple of small opening.


                    And here we are.




Getting in to turtle bay through Gal ligers Cut is not hard but you do not go straight out the back side in to Turtle bay,
unless it is a really high tide, just hook off to the left and follow the cut and there you are.

The best for last . right in the cut is one of the best fishing holes I have ever been to.
but it is first come first get to fish, there is room for maybe three boats to fish in this cut, Do not block some one else fishing
just so you can get in. #1 rule do not be a jerk.