Jug Creek shoals

Jug Creek Shoals is where most people go to find bait, By Bait I mean white Bait, slat water shiners,
Hard scaled sardines. lot of words for the same thing,

While Jug Creek is famous for catching bait, lets think about this, each morning dozen of boats all line up,
and start chumming bait fish. Once they have the bait they want they leave and go fishing somewhere else.
leaving this flat all chummed and ready for some prime fishin.

Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Gag Grouper, Puffer, and several other fish all call this flat home,
and what more could you ask for than a flat with fish on it all chummed up and ready to eat.


Jug Creek Shoals is at the north end of Pine island, The town there is called Bokeelia.

There are sand bar surrounding the flat with opening you can get through with channel markers to show the way.


 The out side of these sand bars is famous or big Red fish, Snook, Sharks, and monster Rays. be careful coming in at high speed until you know where the bars are
 they can sneak up quickly if you are not watching. There are also fish which hangout on top of the bar,  .








From the Placida boat ramp to Jug Creek Shoals