knot tying
If you are close to the store stop in and we will be glad to teach you in person,
this page is only for the unfortunate ones of you, who do not live close to Fishin Franks,
or just need a refresher.

Knots by Netknots .com is where I found these cool animated knot tying pictures,
 I hope they help.  Frank

Uni-knot  The Uni-Knot is the best all around Knot I have found, wether for super braid,
                           or for Mono line. Be it 2pound test or 200 you can use this.

                           If you are trying for big fish, over 20 pounds, be sure to double your line from your
                           rod before tying the Uni.

                           Why double the braid, it makes the main line thicker closer to the leader diameter
                           make it harder for the braid to cut through your leader, single braided line knots,
                          "Pop" fail when it get a sharp jerk/snap. this fixes that problem.                       

Double-Uni  This is the most common knot for tying a leader to your line, Strong yet pretty easy to use.
                           Just keep in mind if you are fishing big Fish, double the main line before tying this knot.


Surgens   This knot is great for, getting back in action quick,
                            However this one is wrong for salt-water go through three times,
                            for Salt water twice is only good for Fresh-water fishing.

Albright  This is most likely the beat line to leader knot,
                           But man it is hard to do on the boat with wet hands in the wind.

Rapala Knot  This is just here because I like Rapala.

Perfection Loop  Loop knots are cool to know.