Laishley park

Boat Ramp & fishing Pier
At the bottom of this page you will see how far to fishing places

look at on Google maps


 Located at the south end of the Gilchrest bridges which connect port
Charlotte to Punta Gorda This Ramp provides easy access to the Peace Rive
& the Harbor.

This Ramp will fit any size Boat and is a good Ramp except on very low winter days if the tides
 are at a -1.0 or lower the bottom of the ramp shows.

Most of the years it is good. But the sign which says Ramp end HERE. believe it. that is it.


 This shows you where the Ramp is in relation to the Harbor

The parking lot for vehicles with trailers in the yellow circle
 for other cars or trucks no trailers in



You have to have a trailer on to park in this ramp lot.
cars or Trucks with no trailer use the lot in front of the Crab shack,
that lot is off of Nesbit




The fishing pier is concrete and has nice railing easy to fish from
  some places along the rail are lower to allow handicap access or land fish.

Easy walking to the pier as it is all black top or concrete walk ways




A view of the pier from the bridges of hwy 41


How far to Pirate harbor,
Burnt store Marina,
Turtle Bay & Boca Grande Pass
 from the ramp at Laishley Park

these images will give you an idea of how far you will run






 From laishley Park to the reef
aka Concrete reef, AKA the 1 mile reef or  Alligator creek reef