Picking the line to fish with,

This is a big question now, should I use braided line or Mono, Mono Filament line is a solid plastic line getting it's name from a single or {mono} filament invented in 1938, but was stiff and kinky and not until the mid 1960's was it really usable to fish with. Braided line is a type of cloth and from Kevlar, Yes bullet proof vest thread. While not exactly Kevlar close enough. Lets start with that, Braided line is amazing new line because it allows you fish fish with very heavy line, that is so small you can cast 20 pound test with the ease of 8 pound mono. Yes there is a difference between how thin a line is and the castiblity of the line, Take 30 pound braided line it is smaller than 12 pound mono, but when you throw it on a fishing rod it will cast the same distance as #12 mono , So 2o pound braid while the size of 4 pound mono will cast like 8 pound. Braid line is more resistant to scarping against barnacles so wears better than mono, Mono filament line tends to twist when used on s Spinning reel, and to get the twist our you would drag it behind the boat as very slow speed, When twisted mono looks a lot like wrought iron, and when pulled through the water the water would work out all of the twists in about 1 to 2 minutes. Braided line when it gets twisted just will not UN-twist when pulled through the water, some of the twist will come out but it takes 5 time longer to get the twist out. Braided line, being cloth material dose not hold the shape as will mono to help the water work the twist out. Good news is that it take 5 times longer to see the or have the twist in braided line become a problem.


Braid is stronger than mono line. That is what most people think and not really true. Braided line has no give or stretch, So on a flat dead pull with no jerking it is very strong, but if you pull then jerk on the braided line it will pop quite easy. This is the reason I use braided line when fishing against the mangroves or under docks, I use it because it breaks so easy, If you hang braided line in a tree branch a short sharp jerk of the line will pop the braid line easy, while mono fishing line stretches so much it is very hard to break and often sends high speed missiles back to the boat, the stretch acts like a sling shot. So contrary to people opinion I use braided so I can safety break it.

So if I am trolling or really open water fishing I still prefer mono as it gives/stretches when the fish hits making it hard to break. A hint if you are going to troll with braided, here is the equation. With mono line. The fish hits, the line stretches, the rod bends the drag on the reel gives. So when using braid to troll with. No stretch so set your drag at least 1/3 looser than you would with mono, so the fish will not break off.

Now mono line will get you more hits, the same way that Fluorocarbon leader will get you more hits than steel leader. So in open water I use mono to hook more fish, more fish on the line means more fun,
Now What color line is the best, not too ay years ago it was simple you had a choice of clear mono line or white mono line. Now the are tons of colors and lines with mixed colors, So which is best. that is easy they are all the best, but not all year, I had 8 rods and reels on the boat and each one had a different color line on it, no one colors catches more fish than the other all year, as the water colors changes and the conditions change so will the color of your line, I watched one color catch way more fish than the others only to fade back down to normal, then another color would get way more hits,
I fish every once in a while with white bait and white bait swims around a lot, now with each rod a different color I know which white bait is swimming behind the boat, or is under the boat and All I have to say is hey Yellow reel up, when the line were all one color everyone had to reel to find out whose bait it was. Tangles are easier to deal with when the lines are different colors as well, much simpler to get Yellow apart from green than green from green.
So there is no real down side to different colors other than we are not used to it,

Just to wrap this up as I could go on about a lot more issues, let me say, What is the best brand of braided line. There is not a best one. They are all good, the trick is to find which is the best for you, which brand of line cast good for you, with-out throwing wind knots, Some people will do better with one brand and some with an other. So if a line works for you, thatís means it is good. But it may not be the one for your fishing partner, how you cast, which rods and reel you put together. Whether you use bait or lures. All will make a difference in which line is the best for you. So when a line company says we are the best. No that is impossible, It is only true it may be the best for you.
Thanks I hope this helps
Fishin Frank