Muddy bay & the G.W. extensions


    The entrance to Muddy Bay is almost right at Cape Haze in fact it is just
     North 100 yards.

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Muddy Bay's entrance is very very Shallow
 be careful trying to get over the bar.
 As you see in the picture below the deeper water
 almost all the way to the right hand shoreline.
 This is good fishin during the cooler months of the
 year, as the dark bottom & shallow waters heat up
 quickly with the sun make it a cold weather heaven
 for Snook & Red fish.

 The G.W. extensions of muddy Bay are shallow
 but have some deeper cuts and where hte little creeks are
 coming into the bays the fishin came be really good.
 But take your time getting around back here and once the tide turns to go out so should you.


 The following are just places you can try your luck
 they are proven to hold fish quite often through the years