Port Charlotte Beach complex      
was a great place until the commissioners and parks and wrecks decided to change "screw it up" it is still ok
But all that money to make it not as good as it was, and pay to use it? Bitter no not me LOL .

It is located at the upper most end of charlotte Harbor in Alligator bay, and has two launch ramps.

look at on    

The long fishing pier you see on the bottom of this Photo is good fishing during the winter months.
this is the place where I saw the biggest Snook I ever saw. That Snook was well over 50 inches,
 So yes I still like to fish here although I have not been back to fish here since they install the pay to park.
Cheap buggers squeezing every dime out of us and our visitors, Shame on you Charlotte County!!!!
It reminds me of penny wise and dollar foolish.





















Any way enough bitchin here is the ramp.






































This is from Fishin Franks to Port Charlotte Beach complex.

Unfortunately this is a pay park you have to pay to park here, Screw a bunch of cheap butt know nothing county commissioners,
They should be Tarred, feathered, and run out of here back to where ever they were run out of in the first place



Depart Fishin Franks US-41 South
 Tamiami Trail
toward Edgewater Dr

Turn right onto Edgewater Dr  1.8 mi

Turn left onto Harbor Blvd        0.8 mi

Turn left to stay on Harbor Blvd    0.3 mi

Arrive at Port Charlotte Beach complex ramp  


From the ramp to fishin spots
the 20' holes

from the ramp to the Alligator creek reef


To Cape Haze