Poachers cut

Poachers cut is not really a fishing spot, more of a way to fishing if you live in Punta Gorda Isles,
or a safe way back to the boat ramp at Ponce Park.
 As Ponce is the closest boat ramp to the east side of the Harbor, during high wind conditions it
may not be safe to run the Harbor, So you could even get to Ponce and have some one bring your
Truck & Trailer to you there.
If you live in P.G.I. well it is a short cut to Alligator creek & the east keys rather than making the long run
to Ponce to get out.

look at on Google maps

Where did the name come from, The commercial fisherman, there are a few bad apples in every bunch
used to net in the canals Of P.G.I. this did not make the people living on the canals happy at all.
they were taking their fish. So they got a special law making it illegal to cast net inside of any of the canals.
Because laws are not selective this means everyone including the people who live their can not use a cast net
even from their dock. SO back to the story, the poachers or greedy part of the commercial fisherman, did not like
this so they continued to poach catching mullet and other fish inside the canals. Not too smart as the only way in was
Ponce De Leon park, and if the law came in there was no where to go. So one of the old timers, & a few of his buddies
got together and with chain saws and pruning shears reopened a long unused creek/canal that by the
goofy standards of the Army corp. had to be closed once the canals were dug, Nature had reopened the water flow already
water goes where it wants not where you tell it to. So all they had to do was cut back the tress and
 when the law came in one end the went out the other. Simple really. Poachers cut.




You can see here, where poachers cut is,
and why it is a great little short cut to the Harbor from the back section of P.G.I.

This is the down side Poachers Cut it Very, some times Very very shallow. the average depth is 2 feet.
So summer time this is not bad, but in the winter months, with a north wind it can be just a few inches deep in spots.
Making this a flats boat only, There are some days when you would need an air boat to get through.


Why use the cut, Poachers cut is not much of a fishing spot however it can be at times, It is connected to the skating rink,
So the opening to the rink is good for jacks and reds at times

 Why not just cut through the opening and head out to the harbor with out going all the way to Alligator Creek?
  because there is little to no water from this opening out to the Harbor, if you get past the mouth you still have to cross the flats of the skating rink.
  ok You did that now you have even less water again trying to get over the sand bar to reach the harbor, Go through here with caution and someone to help you
 push the boat. 


 Lets break down the cut, here are some close up photo's section by section.

                                 Over all view


Here is the start of Poachers Cut from the isles side.

     first part,  If the tide is low and you have passengers, get them to sit on the front
 of the boat, flattens you out, so you draft less water.

 The first turn at the "Y" make sure you go straight, NO right turn Clyde, the creek is ahead of you.

      Stay off the throttle, if your motor is tilted up all you are doing is shoving the back of the boat down hard
 into the bottom. Props are expensive, but thanks from the rest of us, for dredging this a little deeper. :-)

         Not too much choice here in this section, just hug the center, it is all skinny.

                 The last curve is not much better, but it beats the long way around, take your time, Idle speed,






 I hope this helps you save some time or keeps you from having to risk your boat & or your passengers during a storm.
 remember go slow, you never know when another boat is coming around the corner. And if you do not mind getting your
 prop rebuilt this could use some dredging so have at it, punch that throttle with everyone in the back of the boat.
I just don't have the extra money or people I don't like like on my boat.