Ponce park, Or Ponce De Leon park
This a fast moving canal which holds Sheep head, Snook, Spade fish, Red fish, Jacks,
You get the idea there is a lot of fish here.
Directions from Fishin Franks at the bottom of page.

Distance maps at bottom of page

look at on    



Just a look at the parking lay out.

The other thing you see in this photo is the flat, you can wade the area that look like sand is really shallow water,
which if you walk out next to the boat channel, Trout, puffers, Flounder, Red Fish, can be caught.
This is a great place to use your fly rod, plenty of room to cast and for the trout, small bright color flies,
go out until the water is just past your knees, then start fishing north "to your right" easy access and good fishing.

Some Pics to show you about Ponce, There is also a bird sanctuary here. and I forgot to get photos of the fishing pier
well it was a rainy days, at least this gives you an Idea of what it looks like.







Pictures at "Ponce"





Boat ramp, good deep water ramp, but <-- can be very tricky to load on a fast outing tide>
the water really rips through here.


Time Mile Instruction For Toward
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart 4425 Tamiami Tr, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 on US-41 South
Fishin Franks
2.6 mi
9:03 AM 2.6 Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto W Marion Ave 1.0 mi
9:06 AM 3.6 Turn RIGHT to stay on W Marion Ave 2.6 mi
9:12 AM 6.2 Arrive W Marion Ave,
 Ponce De Leon Park

Driving distance: 6.2 miles
Trip duration: 12 minutes
Driving time: 12 minutes
Cost: $0.53

To the 20' hole
or AKA deep hole or Upper hole



  To the alligator Creek Reef 
 AKA concrete reef or 1 mile reef

  To Boca Grande pass

 To Pirate Harbor

The Barge Canal