Robert Lugiewicz.
For over the decades, Robert has been at Fishin Franks listening to people,
sharing stories, and helping them learn to Fish



Robert is always ready,
 with up-to-date,
where to
and how to Fishing

Besides being our
resident Shark and
Tarpon expert.    












With Capt. Robert Moore.

This is a Goliath Grouper, "Jew-fish"
guess-ta-mate between 400 and 500 pounds

Caught 3 miles out in the Gulf,                       







  Robert's love of big fish,
 comes naturally to him.
 Passed down by his Mom.
 This is Her and Robert,
 On a Big fish expedition with
 Captain Angel Torres.
 Robert is also an avid Bass angler.




Robert and his mistress,
 on a date in Boca Grande pass.

Because they can not behave
they were chaperoned by
Captain Angel Torres.







  Give me a kiss,

 you sweet thang you.

By the way. You smell
lemony Fresh






 These cousins are genetically designed
to catch fish, D.N.A is a powerful thing.




     Like M&Ms
    tiny tarpon
    are just great!
    Even better
    when you're with.
   "The worlds smallest
        fishing guide.
"I can't say his name"
     but he spins like a top
      when catching bait.

 Robert came to Florida from Indiana by way of Arizona. Phoenix that is.
As a youngster one day he was suppose to play base ball. But there was a creek close
by with the possibility of fish in that creek it was goodbye, Base-ball, hello fishing.

After his mom moved them to Phoenix, Robert still found a way to fish
 in the middle of the desert, Man made lakes stocked with fish.

Roberts Summers were spent with his grand parents in Port Charlotte.
Fishing bridges, piers, along the beaches. He was also a Fishin Franks regular every summ

As an almost adult he moved to Port Charlotte and I hired him. Time went by
and his knowledge of Fish, reptiles, plants, amazed me. It was not long before Robert was running the place.

Robert has to his credit Rooster fish in Costa Rica a personal dream catch,
 along with many Tarpon Sharks, and any thing and every thing that swims.

This is what Robert did for his 38th birthday, Robert L. with Captain Robert Moore, "blue hat"

 300 pound Bull Shark, 130 pound Tarpon, 325 pound Goliath Grouper, Caught in the same day.
What a slam Happy Birthday Robert.