Rocky creek                             
Is Just west of Port Charlotte Beach "Alligator Bay"     
Make sure you swing way out stay a 1/4 mile off the shore it is shallow.
Do not go in after High tide you may not get out.
When first exploring Rocky Creek going in just after a low tide
when you know there will be more water as
time passes.

This is an over view of where Rocky Creek is,
See map below.

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The wooden marker at the mouth of the creek, is an old tide recorder no longer in use.
but it dose hold Snappers and other fish.
My favorite place to fish is the second one marked on the chart just before the bend.
I anchor on the right hand shore and fish the left side. it is deep right along the
mangroves on that side, and the Reds seem to like it there.


As you can see in the photo below, it is shallow water access into Rocky Creek,
|Don't let the tide trap you inside the creek