Sans Souci Trestle         Google maps 
Is on Shell Creek Just off the peace river
Many a windy day and night I have spent here, a real nice place.

The trestle was built in 1907 and is still in use, watching the trains crawl across, swaying it make you want to back away
but so far they always make it.

From Snook, Snappers, Jacks, catfish, The trestle has some good fishing,
The basic spots shown here are my night time Snook spots but they work day or night,

Free lining your bait is not always the best option.
Many times the most fish caught here is with a slip sinker rig. Regular size Shrimp.


The top of this pic, is coming from the Harbour Heights Ramp. the mouth of shell creek is just across the
River. There is a manatee sign on the left in the entrance of the creek.

When you come from the Harbor under I-75 follow the main channel when the River opens in front of Harbor Heights
the creek entrance is on your right.

It is not a good idea to try the south way in most of the time it is extremely shallow, and it is all slow speed.
Stick with the way shown here.

The entrance has 4 feet of water shut down to idle speed it is 2 minutes to where you can go on plane 25 mph to the trestle


There is a problem with one of my spots, there is a piling under water,
 many times I have had to wiggle my boat off of this darn piling. But the fishing is good there so I take my chances,

If you are going fast, it could cause severe damage so be carful and slow

Just an over view of the Peace river and shell creek.