Sneaky creek

A great windy day spot of Red fish, funny I have not caught many Snook here,
it has been and is a good place for Red fish.
this creek is really on the east side. Just, JUST, south of Alligator creek
hard to find and very hard to see.
Once in side I anchor in off to the right side a bit and fish the left hand side
I put red dots so you will know where I mean.

Not a lot to say except, good fishing and really skinny, shallow, water getting into the creek.
once you are in hold to the out side of the curves and there is quite a bit of water, 3 to 4 feet.
but getting in 20 inches of water means it is high tide. often less than that.

Have fun, and please idle in your first time, or really every time. the creek takes a hard bend to
the left and you can not see around the corner for boats coming.
This hard left just in-side is what makes this creek so difficult to find/see
look at on Google Maps           says Rocky Creek on Map but I already had one of those.


 The Red dots show where I have caught Red Fish here in the creek

The most reds I have found have been just inside around the corner. Going back up inside the creek is cool.
But it has not gotten me more fish.