Spillways in Port Charlotte 

This is just a start there are many more to be listed here, through out the region.

Here is just a couple of the spillways along U.S. 41 in Port Charlotte.
I am getting them up. because as the rains are getting started each year,
the Snook, Tarpon, & many other fish bunch up under the dams
looking for the bait that washes over them.
While the Freshwater canals are low during the dry season lots of stuff builds up.
big schools of minnows and bugs, and much more,
as the rains fill the canals much of these are floated up and as the currant builds speed, from the rain
water runoff, a lot gets washed over the dams. east prey for the large predators waiting below the falls.

Shore fishing.  the sites listed here are accessible from land, where you can walk up to them, you may also
get to these in a limited way by boat.

Fordham water way





Boat access only.