Taylor road dam

This is a cool place, Snook, Bass, Tarpon all seem to enjoy the quiet surroundings and shady banks,
I started fishing here in the early 1980's when you could walk out on the dam and swim on the top side of the dam in freshwater,

Now a days there is a gate So you can not park by the water, but it is only a few steps to get to the water.
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The dam itself is fenced off so no one can sue the county too many lawyers today, So while no longer possible to stand there and fish,
However you can walk down where the fence ends. this is a picture of the dam, the next one below show the path

Here you see the fishin path,  while not a lot of room there is room to cast a lure, or just toss a bait and relax.      


Driving directions to Co Rd 765A/Taylor Rd 3D
Via Tamiami Trail

Fishin' Franks
4425 Tamiami Trail
Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980

1. Head southeast on U.S. 41 S/Tamiami Trail toward Edgewater Dr
                  7.8 mi
2. Turn left onto Co Rd 765A/Taylor Rd
                        0.9 mi

              Co Rd 765A  Taylor Road Dam



Fishin' Franks
4425 Tamiami Trail
Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980
1. Head southeast on U.S. 41 S/Tamiami Trail toward Edgewater Dr
6.2 mi.
2. Turn left onto Co Rd 765/Burnt Store Rd
0.1 mi
3. Continue onto Co Rd 768/Jones Loop Rd
0.8 mi
4. Turn right onto Co Rd 765A/Taylor Rd
0.7 mi
Co Rd 765A/Taylor Rd