Turtle bay     
Shallow getting in but some world class fishing
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From inside Turtle bay looking out


Places where I have caught fish,
Follow the color code on the right side of the picture


Some of the named places in Turtle Bay

Sand Bars and shallow water inside Turtle Bay

Trout Fishin the deeper waters of turtle Bay




This show the Bird dump sticks,
I know some body had a great idea on how to get Sea Grass to grow. put sticks in the water so the birds would poop on the grass,
I have caught Red fish around the sticks, worth a shot but not what I would call consistent fish there. but hey maybe????
Not a chance in heck!

here are some closer pictures of the stakes
this is looking in from the mouth going in, this is a small bay on the right as you go in.
Turtle Bay is to the left of this picture



Getting into Turtle Bay.

At the entrance there is a slow speed manatee Zone


You have to find you way between the Under water Sand bars,
the best time to figure this out is at a very low tide when you
can see the sand bars. and get a picture in you mind of where you need to be.

Another way to get to Turtle Bay form up the Harbor,
is to cut inside at cape Haze, getting to the trough from the harbor
you need to go past muddy bay and angle back up. once you are inside the bar there is quite a bit of water 3 to 5 foot
until you get to the Turtle Bay side where as I showed before it is Skinny maybe 18 inches less in the winter.

Here you can see Bull & Turtle bay are right next to each other.

Getting back and forth Between Bull and Turtle bays

Just a clean shot of Turtle bay for you to look at